106 and park rocsi dating lisa

Whatever Happened to Rocsi Diaz? | Lipstick Alley

106 and park rocsi dating lisa

LISARAYE TALKS ABOUT ROCSI! from & Park who supposedly carried on a public affair with Lisa's ex-hubby, rocsi and premiere misick If you are dating and become the mistress of someone, then be a MYSTERY. Now I was one of the ones who honestly didn't want to believe BET's Rocsi was truly a homewrecker. I didn't really want to believe she was. Free is still locked up somewhere in New York after B.E.T. put her in at some point date Eddie Murphy and was a side chick for Lisa Raye's.

Read it below and get your chuckle on: The beautician turned to her girlfriend and said, "Hey Juanita, do me a favor.

106 and park rocsi dating lisa

Follow that woman and see where she goes. The beautician asked, 'So, where does that woman go when she leaves? Peep the pics below. OK, so I was listening to "The Tom Joyner Morning Show" this morning and LisaRaye was scheduled to make an appearance so that she could "clear the air" about everything that's going on with her and her husband.

Jawn Murray the gossip guy who calls in a couple of times a week to share the scoop that he knows was the one who was going to have her call in.


I know I'm babbling a little bit sleepybut then Jawn said that folks thought that when the story broke about the rape allegations, they had the right person when they said that Rocsi was the one who was assaulted. He then said on the contrary because LisaRaye told Jawn Murray that Rocsi has been having an "out-in-the-open affair" with her husband.

106 and park rocsi dating lisa

Jawn Murray said that her exact words were that "he was parading her around and she was staying at the house. Sybil one of the co-hosts said that there are three sides to every story and that if LisaRaye was going to call in and put a bunch of personal information out there including telephone numbersit wasn't right.

Jay Anthony Brown another co-host said "that's not even cool" and then they seemed like they were about to throw LisaRaye under the bus.

106 And Counting: A History Of Men That “ALLEGEDLY” Chopped Down Rocsi’s Thicky Thick Thighs

Sybil said "there's a lot of things going on with both sides that folks don't know so taking sides right now isn't probably a good idea. However, from day one, individuals, many of them women were not feeling Rocsi.

Here we are years later and Rocsi is still disliked by many. However, now, everyone has access to blogs where they can properly express their dislike. I never had a negative opinion about Rocsi.

She seemed like a cool person and I ignored the rumors of her sleeping her way to her position because she seemed like a hard worker.

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She also hosted a daytime radio show in Chicago while simultaneously hosting th and Park in New York. That sounds like a gruesome work schedule.

Then the drama hit. Rumors started to spread about Rocsi not only being a hoe but also being a hoe that likes to sleep with married men.

A History Of Men That Dated Rocsi Diaz | Bossip

Raye went on from show to show and she would discuss the affair with some respect to her ex and Rocsi but Rocsi never denied or confirmed it. So, when I saw her interview posted on Honeymagazine I just knew that she would finally clear her name and dispel all of the negativity that has been coming her way. On the contrary, Rocsi chose to not speak about it.

I would love to think that. So this is your opportunity to clear your name and stop some of the shade that is thrown your way from women and men alike and you do not want to talk about it? This is your opportunity to let people know you are not a home wrecker and indeed one of the hardest working chicks out there and not because you lay on your back.

You do not want to talk about it. Which brings me to the this conclusion:

106 and park rocsi dating lisa