Catherine zeta jones and sean connery dating


catherine zeta jones and sean connery dating

Catherine Zeta-Jones CBE is a Welsh actress. Born and raised in Swansea, Zeta -Jones . Zeta-Jones next starred as the pragmatic girlfriend of Sean Pertwee's She remarked, "There was all this fuss about who I was and wasn't dating. in which she starred opposite Sean Connery as a seductive insurance agent on the . When Connery starred alongside Catherine Zeta- Jones in the film Entrapment, the possessive Micheline is said to have warned the. From "idiots" to a Hollywood icon: How Catherine Zeta Jones worked Mask of Zorro alongside Antonio Banderas, Entrapment with Sean Connery Douglas by Danny DeVito in and the next year they started dating.

So I decided to move away and start again.

catherine zeta jones and sean connery dating

Campbell cast her as the leading lady instead of Izabella Scorupcowho was his original choice for the part. She found similarities between her "volatile" Celtic personality and her Latin character's temperament, and in preparation she studied dancing, riding and sword-fighting, and took diction lessons in Spanish. Despite a negative critical reception, the film was a commercial success; [42] [43] Janet Maslin of The New York Times thought that the film provided Zeta-Jones a platform to "show off her slithery skills", and Desson Howe of The Washington Post called on viewers to appreciate the sex appeal she brought to the role.

Sean Connery: The story of a brilliant but deeply flawed man

The horror feature received generally poor reviews but found a significant worldwide audience. Initially written by Soderbergh as a mother of two, he changed the part to that of a pregnant woman on Zeta-Jones' suggestion, to accommodate her own pregnancy. Chicago and other roles[ edit ] The romantic comedy America's Sweethearts was Zeta-Jones' sole film project of She starred as a shrewd movie star, opposite Julia Roberts who featured as her character's under-confident sibling.

The critic Roger Ebert compared the film unfavourably to the musical Singin' in the Rainbut thought that Zeta-Jones was aptly "chilly and manipulative" in her part. She based her character's look and mannerisms on the actress Louise Brooksand as the script did not provide a backstory to Kelly, she worked to convey her character's "flamboyance" and "desperation" through "little looks and nuances".

She was drawn to the project to give her young children an opportunity to "hear [her] and get a sense of [her] on film", [64] although the film proved to be a box office bomb.

Spielberg was intent on her playing against type as a strong-willed woman, with a vulnerability in her character, [12] but the critic A. Scott felt that it came across as using her for "her looks rather than for the arch, self-mocking wit that is her secret weapon as a comic actress".

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The production, which was filmed in several European countries, saw Zeta-Jones play Isabel Lahiri, a Europol agent, and the love interest of Pitt's character. The unsuccessful production was given only a limited theatrical release.

No Reservations tells the story of an ambitious chef Zeta-Jones whose life changes for the better when she takes in her young niece Breslin after her sister's death.

catherine zeta jones and sean connery dating

In preparation for her part, Zeta-Jones worked in the kitchen and waited on tables at New York's Fiamma Osteria restaurant. She instead chose to focus on her family and health, having been diagnosed with bipolar II disorderand her infrequent acting appearances were in smaller-scale and less successful productions.

The production was released theatrically in markets outside of the United States in —10, but due to financial troubles of its distributor, The Film Development, the film failed to release theatrically in America. Set in Sweden during the early twentieth century, the musical follows the relationship between three people Zeta-Jones, Angela Lansbury and Alexander Hanson during the course of an evening. It's not one of those shows where you can dig about three inches and come out the other end.

You can keep digging and digging and digging". Return to film and television[ edit ] Following a three-year sabbatical from acting, Zeta-Jones made her screen comeback in Lay the Favoritea comedy co-starring Bruce Willis and Rebecca Hallin which she played the jealous wife of a gambler Willis.

catherine zeta jones and sean connery dating

She was attracted to the idea of playing a "nightmare of a woman" and based the role on the politician Michele Bachmann ; [87] the film received mixed reviews and failed commercially. Rex She was caught kissing her Catherine the Great co-star Paul McGann in his car which the press jumped on but he denied it and despite him admitting that the incident "really rattled" his marriage, he remained with wife Annie and their children.

catherine zeta jones and sean connery dating

Then she started a romance with Angus Macfadyen, who was 34, six years older than Catherine, at the time, and they got engaged as she gushed: I think this time I've found the love of my life. She then gave her heart to famous Hollywood producer Jon Peters, who "adored" the actress and according to a kiss-and-tell book that he collaborated on, the couple conducted a "torrid, shock-the-neighbours affair" and he proposed to her - but she reportedly turned him down flat.

Next for Catherine, the pop charts were in her sights, but not a hit record, but a certain reheaded, self-confessed womaniser called Mick Hucknall. The Simply Red frontman got together with Catherine inbut with Los Angeles and the silver screen in her sights, he dumped him after just four months.

Fairtytale wedding that ended after a year itch Image: Daily Mirror Then her life changed, and rather dramatically. And as she rode the wave of celluloid success, her romantic status suddenly went from "unlucky in love" to "big movie star girlfriend" after she was introduced to Michael Douglas by Danny DeVito in and the next year they started dating.

The Story of How Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Fell in Love

After announcing their engagement on New Year's Eveon November 18ththey married at the Plaza Hotel in New York, their three-month-old son Dylan at their side.

Despite the year age gap, they seemed to be a perfect fit and on April 20they welcomed a daughter Carys, their family, hearts and life now seemingly complete. But, like any relationship, life threw several obstacles their way, the first being Douglas's son Cameron being sentenced for possessing heroin and dealing large amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine.

Then Michael was diagnosed with throat cancer.