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When it gets caught in a tree, Dale hitches a ride in it to Chip's disapproval. When Dale crash lands, Donald traps him in a jar, but he escapes and drives the plane again.

Donald tries to catch Dale with a fishing rod, but Dale traps him with the plane on a building spire. As the chipmunks try to get their tree back, Donald chases them. The chipmunks make themselves comfy in a miniature house. Donald finds their scale fits with the house and torments them with weather changes. Chip and Dale retrieve their tree and make it fit to scale as a giant redwood tree.

This episode is unique because it is a take on Walt Disney's backyard railroad the Carolwood Pacific. The engine is modeled after the Lille Belle, his live steam engine and Canyonville was one of the towns the Carolwood Pacific Railroad serviced in Walt's back yard.

They resist Donald's insect powder and Donald takes back the apples with his helicopter. The chipmunks empty the apple silo and Donald goes after them with chemical bombs but gets blown underground to China. Dale himself has also been invited to meet Clarice. When they cross each other at the Acorn Club they bicker and fight for Clarice's love and affection. They stop to watch her act.

The chipmunks compete for Clarice with their music, both receiving a kiss and all three sing together. In Mickey's house, Chip and Dale are fascinated by the sparkling balls. They try to get the candy canes but Pluto spots them. After Chip and Dale have a long and mischievous tackle with Pluto, the tree gets destroyed, but Mickey is delighted to have the chipmunks. Donald, Goofy and Minnie come to greet Mickey with carols.

Dolores however prevents the chipmunks getting any. As Dolores' handler, Donald chases them after they thwack Dolores. Chip and Dale attract some people to get some peanuts, then cover themselves in whitewash and trick Donald into thinking they're albino chipmunks.

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers

Chip and Dale find Pete has been stashing stolen money in their tree and take the opportunity for the reward. They fail to get Pete twice and he finds them and shoots at them. Chip and Dale put up a tricking fight with Pete and get him captured by the cavalry. Chip and Dale ride off to town known as the Lone Chipmunks. Donald is intent on destroying the chipmunks tree. Chip as a knight and Dale as his stead get swallowed by the tractor grabber but they escape and disable its teeth.

Before Donald can smash the tree the chipmunks sabotage the tractor. Donald tries to blow them up with dynamite but they blast him in the sky instead.

Chip causes Donald to fall three times before he cuts off the top and finds out about the two. Donald cuts down the tree and the chipmunks fail to keep it standing. Chip and Dale get Donald in a run from the logged tree until it is catapulted with dynamite along with Donald's house. They make off with Donald's ship in a bottle, Chip as captain and Dale as a sailor.

Donald torments the chipmunks into thinking they're on a rough voyage. Dale stops Donald and he tries to chase them in his boats which Dale prematurely sabotaged. They are usually seen driving a police car, while investigating numerous crimes. Sometimes, they act as the Rangers lift to a crime scene. Although they seem like the least competent police officers on the force, the duo actually managed to solve numerous crimes with the help of the Rescue Rangersand were many times honored for their bravery and commitment to their uniform.

Tammy and Bink both voiced by Noelle North are two squirrel sisters who are great fans of the Rescue Rangers and their work. Tammy is strong-willed and exhibits a certain naivety consistent with her depiction as a teenager.

She has a simultaneous overconfidence in her own abilities and a craving for approval and acceptance from her perceived hero figure Chippartly out of her dream of on day joining the Rescue Rangers. As for Bink is a little toddler who loves to eat just about anything.

Although they are at first seen as nothing but a nuissance for the Rangers, they end up showing themselves more than able to handle themselves, while trying to save the rangers from Fat Cat's clutches. Foxglove voiced by Deborah Walleyalso known as Foxy, is a pink bat who starts off as an assistant to an evil amateur witch named Winifred alongside a crotchety snake named Bud and a dim-witted spider named Lou.

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However, she fell in love with Dale and changed sides. Foxglove has tremendous courage and is also shown to be cheerful and fun-loving. Despite only appearing once, she is massively popular with fans. The quest to prove his innocence forms the Rangers' first adventure. His name may be a reference to Donald Duck. Plato voiced by Alan Oppenheimer is a police bulldog who belongs to Drake and aids him in apprehending criminals, usually by biting them nicknamed "the Crime Bite" by Drake.

He is something of a mentor to Chip and Dale and is the one who names their group the "Rescue Rangers". He retires along with his owner at the end of "Rescue Rangers to the Rescue". Clyde Cosgrove voiced by Jim Cummings Mr. Formerly owned by criminal Aldrin Klordane, in which capacity the Rangers first encountered him, Fat Cat became an independent agent and animal world crime boss after Klordane's incarceration. Fat Cat is a ruthless criminal mastermind, and his plans, though sometimes bizarre, are nevertheless dangerous and sadistic.

The only thing he hates more than dogs are the Rescue Rangers, which he always tries to get rid of using an elaborate and slow methods, rather than killing them immediately.

Chip 'n' Dale

The complexity of his plans usually ends up being his downfall. Fat Cat is usually accompanied by four henchmen. In spite of their combined stupidity, Fat Cat almost always sends them out to do his dirty work for him, as he is too smart, or too lazy, to get his paws dirty, and they are too stupid and intimidated by him to do anything less than follow his exact orders.

Wart voiced by Jim Cummings [4] is a lizard henchman of Fat Cat who dresses in a gangster -style suit and hat similar to his boss. Mole voiced by Corey Burton is an overweight mole henchman of Fat Cat who is slow witted but cheerful, and wears an undersized red T-shirt and a yellow hat. When plans go wrong, Mole usually is the one who Fat Cat chooses to use as a punching bag. He is usually only seen briefly. For example, he kidnapped all the cats in the city to make an immense amount of static electricity, [11] and in his appearance in the pilot he constructed a laser cannon designed to create a giant gelatin mold which would be used to cause an earthquake under the United States Gold Reserve.

Unlike other humans in the series, Nimnul is aware of the Rescue Rangers' activities, and even that they have human-level intelligence, due to their constant interference in his plans. He is physically modeled on Disney animator Bruce Talkington. Having faked his own death, he tried to blame Detective Donald Drake for the robbery of a priceless ruby he needed to complete his masterplan, which was to rob the World's Gold Reserve.

Chip 'n Dale's Nutty Tales (TV Series – ) - IMDb

After the Rescue Rangers foiled his plans, he was caught by Plato the police dog and surrendered himself to the police. Rat Capone voiced by Jim Cummings is a gangster rat. His name is a parody of the crime lord Al Caponewhile his voice and mannerisms are deliberately modeled on James Cagney. He is responsible for the illegal handling of the cheese within the Rangers' city, as well as stealing gold, which he had once tried to build a gold castle, but the Rescue Rangers prevented him from doing so.

Sewernose de Bergerac voiced by Pete Schrum is an alligator who believes he is the world's best actor. According to himself, he was flushed down a toilet when he was still young.

He then lived in the sewers just under the theater, where he learned to appreciate the opera and learned from the best actors and singers who performed there. His love for theater greatly shows in his personality.