Daniel matsunaga and maris racal dating

10 'Pinoy Big Brother: All In' moments: Surprises, confessions and more

daniel matsunaga and maris racal dating

On the rumored girlfriend of! Maris responds: iñigo pascual, chat. Main videos; daniel matsunaga and maris racal dating a long way. Pinoy big brother alumna. Runner-up, Maris Racal Daniel Matsunaga emerged as the season's winner, the third celebrity to win in the franchise. The official air date was not revealed in the announcement. .. The following evening, Maris and Loisa were tasked by Big Brother to bring Joshua in the picnic area without being noticed by the other. Daniel Kenji Silva Matsunaga (born November 28, ) is a Brazilian model, actor, the Polish reality television show Top Model, is Matsunaga's new girlfriend. . Pamorada · Karen Reyes · Maris Racal · Ylona Garcia & Tommy Esguerra.

As viewers saw the closeness between Vickie Rushton and Brazilian-Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga inside the house, many wondered if Vickie was falling for Daniel especially when the model gave her a kiss during one of their activities.

In the July 27 episode, Vickie confessed to Kuya that she and boyfriend, actor Jason Abalos almost broke up several times, saying that Jason was not exerting effort into their relationship. In a separate interview, he also clarified that he was not jealous of Daniel and that he loves Vicky very much. Comedian Vice Ganda entered the house to talk to the housemates about facing criticism. Actor Piolo Pascual listens as Kuya gives him instructions for the housemates.

daniel matsunaga and maris racal dating

Kpop star Sandara Park even dropped by to pay a visit to the housemates, who welcomed her with open arms. Director Cathy Molina Garcia visits the housemates.

The short film Endless was eventually shown on television, Saturday, August On August 18, housemate Maris Racal told Kuya about her feelings when she found out that her parents were not married and have been living together all these years. Maris for her part believes that it is a sin, since they were not married. On Tuesday, August 19, the housemates including Maris were asked to dress up for a wedding. Maris was surprised when she saw her parents Henry and Leony exchange their vows with no less than Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista officiating the ceremony.

La Salle's Jeron Teng dances with Jane during her debut inside the house. Screengrab from YouTube 9. Jane Oineza celebrates debut. She maybe the most controversial housemate, but Jane Oineza was also able to celebrate big time. The housemates, together with her friends and family as well as the staff of the show, threw her a debutante party.

Alex Gonzaga becomes a housemate for one month. Screengrab from YouTube During her stay at the house, Alex not only showed who she was, but the maturity she gained from interacting with the housemates. She re-entered the house twice to meet some of her good friends including Fifth Pagotan, with whom she became close during her stay. Do you have any Pinoy Big Brother moment to share?

Let us know below the comments. The process for the third nomination will also be affected. Only Loisa, whose weight did not change, and Nichole, whose weight lowered by only one pound, will continue the weekly task.

The housemates will choose to support either Loisa or Nichole in their task. At the end of the week, the housemate who loses less weight and her supporters will be the only housemates to be nominated for the third nomination. The following evening, Big Brother gave the housemates a last chance to change their teams, but none changed their teams.

At the weigh-in, Nichole weighed The following day, Big Brother declared their weekly task a success because both Nichole and Loisa lost at least 2 percent of their weight.

3 More Housemates Saved From PBB Eviction (Vickie, Maris & Daniel)

Loisa weighed pounds, a loss of 5. Loisa's team was safe from the third nomination round. The nominated housemates, including Alex, had an open forum regarding the things they don't like about each other.

At the live eviction night on Day 28, Axel was evicted. The celebrities ranked the regulars; the teens ranked the celebrities; and the regulars ranked the teens. They will also be the only ones to do the household chores. The BBN nomination system was temporarily stopped for the third nomination night. In the live nomination night, Jacob, Jane and Maris were declared nominees for eviction. Vickie, Jayme, Jacob, Michele, Alex, and Aina, who committed lapel violations, were not allowed to lie down on any furniture or on the floor for 24 hours.

Manolo, Vickie, and Jane were appointed leaders of the new weekly task, Lapislide, with a goal of making towers out of 15, sharpened pencils and rolling a ball into it so that it shoots into a small ring. Vickie decided that the teen housemates will be the first to do the task. Big Brother prohibited the housemates from using the couch after Fifth was made by Daniel to exercise on it.

Jayme was prohibited from entering in the activity area that day because she wrote using one of the pencils. Fourth and Aina, who were late in entering the activity area, returned to the house; but since they sat on the couch, all housemates were not allowed to sit except for the teens. The six lapel violators were each given a wooden chair on Day They can sit only on this chair and this should not be separated from their body.

This punishment was later revoked. Daniel was allowed earlier by Big Brother to become a servant in order to help the teens. The sharpener was repaired as the weekly task was resumed for the regular housemates, including Ranty, who broke the handle the previous day.

The celebrities took over later; then were followed by the teens. The three leaders were later given three hours to sharpen 3, pencils at night in order to earn more sharpeners; for accepting the task, they will also carry the responsibility to the task and only the three of them will work on it. Maris was tasked by Big Brother the following morning to count how many pencils Manolo, Vickie, and Jane had sharpened.

Only less than 2, pencils were sharpened; thus, their task was considered a failure. However, due to the three's hardwork, Big Brother still gave them extra sharpeners. They were asked by Big Brother to whom they will pass the weekly task; they decided not to pass it to anyone and keep the responsibility to themselves.

Big Brother told the teens on Day 33 that he will lift their task as servants if they will clean the picnic area within the duration of the show's theme song. The teens finished the last task and was freed their task as servants. As a reward to their hardship, Nichole received two cup noodles; while Maris and Joshua received guitars from Yeng Constantino. The next morning, Manolo received a visit of his dog as a reward. Confrontations arose as the housemates had little time to finish the task.

Five hours before the deadline on Day 34, Big Brother told the housemates that everybody can now help with the task. After the 5 remaining hours, the housemates failed to finish the weekly task.

The housemates were again tasked to do a debate, but this time through a rap battle. Jacob was later evicted. However, in a twist called Insta Save, Big Brother gave them a chance to remove themselves from the list of nominees.

At the picnic area, they have to reach for a key that will unlock their prison cell while they are locked inside it. To reach the key, they need to use only the items inside each of their cells. Whoever unlocks them first will be instantly removed from the list of nominees. They were also given the chance to ask for help to the other housemates; Aina picked Alex, Joshua picked Loisa, and Ranty picked Jane. Ranty was the first to get the key, but he did not open his cell and gave way to Joshua to gain the Insta Save.

Joshua was then removed from the list of nominees. The housemates should accept all challenges given to them by Big Brother and they can say "No" only for a maximum of three times. It was judged by Joshua, who was also tanned by the girls. Nichole, Fourth, Maris, Jayme, and Ranty were offered a "special breakfast" on Day 38, which were actually fried frogs and silkworms.

10 'Pinoy Big Brother: All In' moments: Surprises, confessions and more

Nichole was the only one of them to say "No". Ranty later brought out of the storage room the silkworms, which everyone had eaten. She initially said "Yes", and chose Ranty, Michele, and Daniel to join her. But after Jayme heard his father's opinion and shared it to the other three, they all said "No". A problem arose with the cheese in the House on Day As the supply of cheese was about to disappear, someone opened another bottle of cheese.

daniel matsunaga and maris racal dating

Some argumentations occurred regarding this. All housemates talked in the living room the next day about two issues; resolving the cheese problem and cleanliness of the windows and the bathroom. The latter sparked an argument between Aina and Fifth after the latter became irritated of how Aina told her opinion. Alex, Fifth, and Manolo later, opened up an investigation, after which they deduced the suspects to be Jayme, Michele, and Aina.

Fourth and Fifth accepted to have a time to bond with each other in the storage room; this allowed them to share their thoughts with one another. However, this caused them to get drunk.

The housemates decided on Day 41 if they want Alex to exit the house. Alex herself wanted to stay inside the House, and she felt that the housemates will want her to stay. But the housemates' decision was part of the weekly task. The teens and the elderly housemates decided not to evict Alex from the house. Alex will remain in the house, but their weekly task failed. They were given 10 seconds to bring his or her chosen housemate to the confession room. Once they are inside the confession room, they are required to wear a friendship bracelet.

The bracelets were removed after all of them, except for Loisa who was sick, have removed thousands of domino bricks in the pool for 20 minutes. In the afternoon, Big Brother gave the weekly task wherein they need to create an artwork that depicts the Philippine flag and the word "Philippines" using the dominoes they collected from the "best friend task".

Aired live that night, Big Brother announced the All Out twist wherein they will participate in several challenges in order to save themselves from receiving an automatic nomination. They faced their first challenge after the announcement. As advised by the show's medical team, Loisa was again not allowed to participate in the challenge due to fever.

The first challenge was won by Nichole, earning her an immunity for that week. On Day 45, Loisa was cleared of her sickness and joined the second All Out challenge. Nichole and Alex did not take part in it. In this second challenge, each team has to make the longest possible vertical line in the picnic area. Maris, Vickie, and Daniel won the challenge, with their tower measuring Middle of Alex's task, Zanjoe Marudo and Pokwang visited the housemates. Meanwhile, the remaining non-immune housemates faced their third and last challenge.

daniel matsunaga and maris racal dating

They were tasked to pass a pingpong ball through an obstacle course. The first to do it were Fifth, Fourth, and Manolo finishing the challenge within 2 minutes and 38 seconds. Jane, Jayme, and Joshua were the second group to do the challenge; they failed to beat the time of the first group. They were also the first three housemates to be automatically nominated. The last group, composed of Loisa, Michele, and Ranty, followed.

They were also unable to beat the first group's time indicating that they were the last three housemates to be automatically nominated. The two of them divulged this to the other housemates; they also told their plan of holding a party for her.

They thought of not noticing Alex the next day. For two days, the housemates ignored Alex; with this they were able to get the send-off party for her at the picnic area the next day. Meanwhile, Ranty, Loisa, and Jane were tasked to sit on each of their own islands in the swimming pool the next day. They are not allowed to leave this island and only Alex can deliver them their needs. Only the three of them will be allowed to communicate with Alex. Later that night, they used only one of the islands, but due to heavy rains that night, they were allowed to step off the island.

They were later transferred to the activity area. After the roof was completed, they were transferred back to the island. Alex was given time the next day to "rescue" the three housemates using a life saver within one minute; she was successful. Meanwhile, many of the dominoes have fallen and the other housemates had to exert extra effort to complete the artwork.

Many of these have been caused by mishandling some dominoes, which, when fall, caused the succeeding dominoes to fall also. In the evening of Day 48, to finish the weekly task, they were tasked to do a domino fall; they failed to finish the task after three chances.

In the live episode aired on Day 49, Alex exited the house. Big Brother also asked the both of them separately on what their true feelings are. On Day 52, Big Brother gave the housemates their weekly task.

While doing their weekly task, Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino visited the house to distract them. She was tasked to know the housemates inside a specially made "elevator". Unknown to her, the task was a test of their Freeze task. In the middle of their ballroom practice and while they were not moving, Geo Garcia, Joshua's father, visited the house.

The contents of the letter were not disclosed for privacy reasons. On Day 55, Ranty and Vickie were tasked to teach the housemates about beauty pageants, as the two of them are products of the same. However, in a twist, all housemates had to cross-dress for the pageant, with males to be taught by Vickie and females by Ranty. Ranty and Vickie will be the judges. Big Brother also told the both of them that he will let two photographers document the said event.

Unknown to the housemates and most especially to Ranty, one of the photographers is her mother, Lydia. Michele and Joshua won the pageant for the males and females respectively as their alter egos Michael and Josie. At the end of the event, Big Brother froze the housemates. Seizing the moment and as instructed by Big Brother, Ranty's mom revealed herself.


She was able to talk with the housemates while they were frozen. Later that night, Ranty was the first housemate to be evicted for the All Out twist. As part of the All In Nominations, all housemates who received a nomination point regardless of the number of points received will be automatically be part of the nominees. The Insta Save was again implemented this week with the non-nominated housemates helping the nominees.

Non-nominees were required to pick the nominated housemates they would want to help by kicking a football into a 'goal' placed for each of the six nominees. Only Jane had no partner.

3 More Housemates Saved From PBB Eviction (Vickie, Maris & Daniel) - Philippine News

In the Insta Save challenges, under one hour, each pairs had to shoot a table tennis ball to their partners, thread a table of needles, and form the 'SAVE' word using puzzle pieces. The first to complete, or the first to be able to do the challenges within the allotted time wins the Insta Save. In the end, Jane won. Daniel was assigned as their leader. The next days were spent on practicing the dance routine. One time, they put the football in the goal. However, these resulted in muscle pains in their feet.

On Day 62, they performed the routine in the picnic area.