Dating older men pros and cons

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dating older men pros and cons

Pros and cons of dating an older man. James. Facebook pinterest celine dion and cons of pros and bubbly nature rubbed off on this is that girls available should. Pros and cons of dating a much older man. Men, it refers to talk with hearts of them to know their daughters? Want out the place to lose by noonesbusiness rating. Every relationships has its ups and down, for but young women considering dating older men there are some specific pros and cons.

It generally comes out when they are trying to give you advice.

Pros and cons of dating an older man

I don't think they mean to be condescending, but when someone 10 years older than you or more is giving you advice about a job or another situation, at times he can be condescending. Again, I tend not to take this personal, but some people do. If this is a pet-peeve of yours, then I would say that my advice would be to take a closer look and maybe even talk to him about it. If it seems like he's doing it often and it's just becoming too much, then maybe it's time to look for a new guy.

Con 2 - They treat you like a child when you fight This is one of my biggest pet-peeves and it doesn't matter if I'm dating someone in their 20s, 30s, or 40s. A man who treats me like a child when we fight and have an argument is not a man I want to be with.

This is different than him being condescending. It's when he scolds you, shames you, or makes you feel like a small child when you have 'done something wrong', and that is how he will put it too. It won't ever be his fault. Again, I don't care if the guy is older or not, but this is one of those things that I have no patience for. My advice would be to get out now. You deserve to be treated better than that! Con 3 - They can be controlling Older men can definitely be more controlling than younger men in their 20s or so.

I think this comes from their experience and they may not mean this to be negative, as it is more like they are trying to protect you.


Some men are very controlling in a way that is clearly abusive. I am dating a man right now who can be controlling at times, but I've noticed that he does it in a way that is more of trying to protect me. He wants me to be safe, and he wants me to be a strong and independent woman, but when I needed new tires, he made calls and took care of it. He took control and handled it. This is a way older men can take care of us, it's how they show they care.

If you are with an older man who is controlling about things like getting your tires changed and making sure you are safe and taken care of, that's one thing. However, if he is controlling about who you hang out with, what you spend your time doing, etc. Con 4 - Older men tend to be set in their ways Older men are known to be 'stuck in their ways'. Have you heard the saying: Well, from my experience, I can tell you this is definitely true. Older men have their routine, and they know what they like and what they don't.

Don't think that you will burst into his life and that he will stop everything and change for you. If you don't like who he is, how he dresses, how he does his hair and what he watches on TV, then it may be safe to say that he isn't the guy for you.

It is difficult to overlook the fact that we all age. When you are dating a man who is 10 years older than you, the day will come where he may actually look and act his age.

Pros and Cons of Dating An Older Guy

It's tough to say when that will be, since some men age amazingly, but it happens to us all. Gravity will take over.

  • Pros and cons of dating an older man
  • Advice For Dating Older Men: The Pros And Cons You Need To Know
  • The Pros And Cons Of Dating An Older Man

He won't have the endurance he once had. For some couples, this isn't an issue. However, it is a hard thing to ignore. Before you go all in with an older man, you may want to think about this and think about if it will bother you 10 years from now, or even Con 6 - You won't share many first experiences A post shared by Megan Hess meganmfh on Nov 13, at There are endless 'firsts' to talk about, and for some this isn't a big deal. But is it for you?

Your first, and hopefully your only, wedding.

dating older men pros and cons

It may be silly, but for some older men, these things have already happened. They don't want a big wedding because they've had one. They know what being engaged was like. They may even know, and be very familiar with, parenthood. For some, experiencing these firsts with someone you will share your life with is important. For others, it doesn't matter. Decide for yourself, but be honest and make sure you talk to him about it. Most older men will get it.

Advice For Dating Older Men: The Pros And Cons You Need To Know

Plus anything that is new, is generally not for his age group, and therefore he can be uninterested. Advertisement Pro - They Tend To Be More Financially Secure They're perfectly aware that you're a student and not on the best salary, so the majority of the time they insist on paying for everything.

Personally, I believe in taking turns in buying rounds, or getting the tickets you get the snacks. But if they have a decent job they actually feel better paying for everything. His shit is everywhere. More than likely if he feels that it's a "younger persons thing" he won't concern himself with it, plus he probably has adult stuff to worry about.

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dating older men pros and cons

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