Duji and rover rovers morning glory dating sim

It’s shocking how long Duji has gone without sex! – Rover's Morning Glory

duji and rover rovers morning glory dating sim

As far as I can remember, when Rover and Duji broke up they removed air and Dieter and Duji both liked the idea, of a dating game for Rover where, My phones calls into Rovers Morning Glory when they were on Rover's Morning Glory .. Duji upset her “forever” stamps are no longer good the N-word, dating young hotties after the death of his wife and much more!. Syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory blends biting commentary, Fox debuts a new singing game show. .. Jeffrey helps Duji prepare for a date.

The unremarkable looks seem odd for a man so intent on attracting attention.

Rover's Morning Glory

He is, after all, the same guy who, on Father's Day last year, called dads and asked them to listen to recordings of female orgasms, then identify which ones belonged to their daughters. So when he gathers a horde of his faithful at the downtown YMCA for a dodgeball tournament, you expect to find him holding court before a rapt audience, or at least signing autographs.

Instead, he stands by himself off to the side, bouncing a ball, staring at the basketball hoop, looking less like a celebrity than the kid at the basketball court hoping to join a pickup game. Rover blends in with his fans -- who are almost universally young, white, and male -- like a real-life Where's Waldo? Of course, this is the image that shock jocks always try to convey to the all-important to year-old male demo.

But in Rover's case, it might actually be true -- at least, it's easy to think that after talking to him for a few minutes.

duji and rover rovers morning glory dating sim

Just ask Greg Perry, a year-old garbageman from North Ridgeville: He was really cool. On the radio, he seems like a real guy, and in person, he seems the same. First thing he said to me is 'I have those same shoes.

It's why listeners embrace Rover as one of their own, why they so often call to say, "Cleveland loves you! For a guy who gets paid to be an asshole on the radio, he's hard not to like. He starts playing catch with another deejay who happens to be passing through, but the game isn't challenging enough. So Rover decrees that they can use only their left hands. Which of course turns into a joke about how masturbating left-handed feels like someone else is doing it.

duji and rover rovers morning glory dating sim

It's Wednesday, and the show is over. It's time to talk about filling next week's Morning Glory, which airs weekdays from 6 to 10 a.

She's the organizer and mother hen, the one who keeps Rover from going too far. Rover stops his game of catch to pitch an idea for a contest: So it's various sucking tasks, anything that's noisy.

Basically, you're rewarding the girl who gives the best blowjob. The prize would be kneepads and a bottle of Scope.

It will make great radio, everyone agrees. Next up is Dieter, a muscled, handsome jock, whom Rover chides for being the archetypal gym rat: Dieter's job is to take listener calls, but he'll do anything to get on the air. He once smoked his own feces. He has a suggestion for an on-air conversation: So if you could suck on your own lederhosen, would you do it?

Since Janet Jackson's boob-baring Super Bowl performance, the rules have changed. The station brought in a parade of corporate lawyers to give Rover a refresher course in the Seven Dirty Words.

Anybody can make dick jokes all day. If that's all you can do, you're fucked. Rover has tangled with the FCC before. Five years ago, he was working at a station in Knoxville when a young woman called in and began masturbating on-air. Nothing ever came of it, but it was enough to convince Rover that the South wasn't for him. Some predict that Rover won't be able to hack the new rules. He's an admitted computer dork, a whiz with the editing program. When he retires from radio, Rover plans to start a video-editing and multimedia production company.

Today, he has a more modest goal: It gets off to a rough start. The Beastie doesn't respond. Rover briefly wonders whether he's hung up. He hasn't, so Rover tosses a softball: I don't know," says a clearly annoyed Mike D. You seem to have a lot of answers. Otherwise, I'll just hang up right now. Mike D seems taken aback.

duji and rover rovers morning glory dating sim

When he finds his voice, he explains exactly why the new album took so long. Listening to the playback, Rover smiles. Mike D sounds like a total pussy. During lunch at Harry Buffalo, Rover talks about fame in Cleveland. At a recent Tribe game, guys a few rows back began chanting, "Cleveland loves you!

duji and rover rovers morning glory dating sim

As if on cue, the waiter -- a shaggy-haired Strokes look-alike -- identifies Rover's voice. It's a good show. Rover, whose real name is Shane French, was born in Chicago but grew up in Las Vegas, the son of a doctor and a nurse.

They don't give a shit. While working at a Denver station, Rover hooked up with a porn star named Raylene. After their first date, she slept in his bed naked, but nothing happened. Then you get one in bed, and you're like, 'How many guys have waded through this forest? They dated for a year, during which she continued to do porn shoots.

Now Rover keeps his private life more discreet. Sure, he talks about his girlfriend on the radio. When she instituted a "no-farting policy" at home, he told listeners, "That's why you have a long-term girlfriend, so you can fart in front of her and not worry about it.

Rover will say only that her name is Susan, she's 33, works as a talent coach for on-air personalities, and they've been dating for four years. Rover broke into the radio business on the heels of a botched lie. At 20, he auditioned in Las Vegas with a sample tape purporting to be from a Milwaukee station. Program Director Mike Stern, who was familiar with the station, called his bluff.

Rover confessed; Stern hired him anyway. Stern was further impressed with Rover's work ethic. A lot of the best shows convey that we just walked in here and we're having fun all morning. He went to Los Angeles to do a syndicated talk show, where he met Duji, who remembers the general manager telling her that Rover was bound for the big time.

He's gonna be a shining star. The station had a no-nudity policy, which Rover had no intention of following.

Rover's Morning Glory – Home of syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory.

The talk format of WCKG skewed more to an audience of 35 years or older, while Rover's show targeted persons between the ages of 18 and Memphis and Rochester were the only stations to remain show affiliates following the return to Cleveland. The station itself changed its callsign twice during the show's return: The station continued with the K-Rock brand through both callsign changes.

Rover's Morning Glory was subsequently barred from airing during the remainder of their contract with CBS. However, as of Maythe show is airing on the station once again. Inthe show launched a premium subscription service called RMG Plus.

This feature enables listeners to not only watch a live video stream of the entire show each morning, but to access full-show archives dating back toas well as being able to watch or listen to the Aftermath, which airs Monday-Thursday from The bus features a fully functioning mobile studio equipped with video and audio equipment.

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The show uses the bus to travel to affiliate cities, festivals, and other popular events. One was supposedly a kitten, "Jinxy the Cat", which escaped on a minute flight, followed closely by Cleveland television stations and prompting calls from concerned listeners. It was all theater of the minds. When a full-time on-air position became available, he volunteered to start a segment called Dare Dieter, in which he would do any stunt or dare submitted by listeners every Friday.

Dieter said if he ever turned down a dare he would go back to phone-screening, a promise that was often held over his head during the segment by listeners. The feature was ended by Rover and CBS Radio management after Dieter suffered a serious injury and temporary paralysis during a stunt involving a barrel roll in July Events and special projects[ edit ] RoverFest[ edit ] An annual beer-drinking festival and concert to celebrate all-things-Rover.

The first RoverFest was held June 20, West 6th Street in the Warehouse District of downtown Cleveland was closed, a large stage was built, and food and beer vendors were present. Approximately 10, people made their way through the festival, surpassing expectations. A television special was taped to air on MavTV in October The event sold out with over 10, people attending.

Sick Puppies, Saving Abel, and Coolio performed as main acts. As usual, the calendar search was held, as well as skits related to the show. Rover's Morning Glory hold one golf outing in their home city of Cleveland, Ohio and also holds another golf outing in Rochester, New York, a long time affiliate with the show.