Futurama fry and leela big fling online dating

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futurama fry and leela big fling online dating

The events of the episodes "The Why Of Fry", "Bender's Big Score", "All The Presidents' This timeline deals solely with the final timeline to date. . Travelling back in time from , Fry, Leela, Bender and Farnsworth . , HAL , the subject of Calculon's one-man show HAL , comes online in Urbana, Illinois. Original air date, June 19, Opening caption, "Watch It Or Die Trying". Episode chronology. ← Previous "T.: The Terrestrial", Next → "The Inhuman Torch". Futurama (season 7) · List of Futurama episodes. "Fry and Leela's Big Fling" is the seventeenth episode of the seventh season of the animated sitcom Futurama. Buy Futurama Season Read Movies & TV Reviews - reanclub.info Fry and Leela's Big Fling . Captions Language: English Runtime: 21 minutes Release date: September 4, Format, Prime Video (streaming online video ).

futurama fry and leela big fling online dating

Using recordings made by surveillance cameras all over the Planet Express building, Hermes recreates Leela's personality and memories for the robot. The robot Leela is now horrified to learn of the human Leela's predicament. As Farnsworth cannot wake the human Leela, she is taken, pursuant to her final wishes, to a planet where she will be eaten by a Cyclops-devouring monster known as the Cyclophage.

At the service, Bender's obnoxious partying wakes Leela, who is shocked to see Fry kissing Robot Leela. As the ship takes off, the Cyclophage attaches itself to the underside of the ship, unbeknownst to the crew. Back on Earth, Fry begins to question that either Leela loves him.

futurama fry and leela big fling online dating

Leela hears him telling himself that he only loved Robot Leela because she was so much like the real Leela. He also says that he thought Leela loved him, but was wrong as usual. Leela appears to him and convinces him otherwise. Robot Leela sees this, and a fight breaks out between the two Leelas. Fry is handed a gun by Amy and told to shoot one, but accidentally shoots himself, only to expose that he too is a robot. The Professor then reveals what really happened when the ship crashed. Fry, attempting to shield Leela, was almost completely obliterated by the explosion.

The Professor attempted to revive Fry in the birth machine, but this did not have any discernible effect. Leela, in her despair over Fry's death, made a robot version of him and generated his personality for the robot. However, a malfunction caused Leela to receive a severe electric shock, putting her into a coma, and the robot Fry to be badly burned and lost his memory. At the end of this exposition, Human Fry unexpectedly emerges from the birthing machine, having finally absorbed the stem cells.

Robot Fry and Robot Leela declare their love for each other, and leave together, leaving the human Fry and Leela to each other. Bender decides he is fed up with constant partying and begins to vibrate with the excess energy. The Cyclophage suddenly emerges, and attempts to eat Leela. Bender's severe vibrations cause one of his eyes to fall out, and the Cyclophage swallows him, believing Bender to be a cyclops.

The device explodes, killing the creature. Bender emerges intact and the Professor declares that Bender expended his excess energy, making it unnecessary for him to keep partying. The crew leave in order to celebrate, and Zapp Brannigan emerges from the birthing machine with a "wheeee! Season 6 Production As the first episode of a new run, the production first and foremost focused on continuing from Into the Wild Green Yonder 's cliffhanger ending.

Cohen explained in an early interview, before the confirmation was even near, that he did consider what to do with the position they ended in, almost daily, [1] which Matt Groening called "painted [themselves] slightly into a corner". Cohen were asked once again about the issue. Matt Groening wanted to ignore it entirely by then, while Cohen stated that they would address it, but only for a single episode. Cohen revealed that the first episode was tentatively named "Rebirth", [8] and in an October interview, he confirmed it was the title they were using.

Cohen along with the male cast, gave a sneak peak of the first three minutes of the first episode's animatic. Original concept According to the commentaries for the episode, David X.

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Cohen and Matt Groening had a completely different idea for the return of the show. In it, the crew would appear in another universe, or a distant part of our universe, as a result of passing through the wormhole at the end of Into the Wild Green Yonder. Fry and Leela would wake up in a beautiful paradise of natural beauty, and are just about to start kissing and making out when they realize that they are in a zoo inclosure.

An alien race has captured the crew, and want to breed humans. While Leela is turned off by this and loses interest, Fry is even more turned on by the crowds watching them. The alien race then throws in Zapp Brannigan to have two males fighting over one female. At this point, Matt Groening "very wisely" suggested that the crew would return to Earthinstead, and that the series would pretty much continue where it left off.

futurama fry and leela big fling online dating

Reviews "Rebirth" received positive to mixed reviews. IGN's Robert Canning rated it 7. Though, as IGN's Robert Canning noted, they weren't certain if this was the return to the Futurama they "knew and loved". Trivia The title caption for the episode is the same as the title.

Leela tells Fry that if he had died, she probably would have built a copy of him too; as it turns out in the twist, however, that's exactly what she did. The doomsday device the Professor uses to power Bender looked similar to the Spheroboom which Bender stole from the Professor, and again from - then used against - the Scammer Aliens in Bender's Big Score. However, this doomsday device is smaller than the Spheroboom.

In some reruns, the first line that Bender says while the Hypnotoad is shown on screen is, "This has been a test of the Emergency Hypnotoad System.

Fry and Leela's Big Fling

Had this been an actual hypnosis, you would go limp and watch whatever crap comes on next. This is also the version seen on the DVD.

The version from the original airing is included as a deleted scene. Rebirth is one of only four episodes of season 6 to contain the full opening sequence, the others being " That Darn Katz!

Beginning with " In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela ", the opening sequence becomes abridged by cutting some parts of the flight of the Planet Express Ship and eliminating the opening cartoon. Sky1 aired this episode on 22 July,after being originally scheduled for premiere six months earlier on 7 January, When this episode airs in local syndication on ABC affiliates Bender's monologue and the joke about Comedy Central is removed, this maybe due to the fact that these episodes play right after " The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings ".

So if anyone doesn't see season 5 they might be confused about the ship crashing. Continuity Kif is supported by a system of fluid-filled bladders, as in " Where the Buggalo Roam ".

This is the second episode in which Leela falls into a coma, the first being " The Sting ". Once again, we see Bender has difficulty getting up from lying on his back, as proven in " Crimes of the Hot ". When Hermes profiles Leela's personality, the computer says Leela's shoe size is Fry's afro makes its first appearance since " Anthology of Interest I ".

It will appear again in " A Clockwork Origin ". Stem cells were actually revealed, or at least assumed, to not be controversial in " Three Hundred Big Boys " when Professor Farnsworth used them at Geneworks to temporatily make himself appear younger.

Futurama Season 7 Episode 17 Fry and Leela’s Big Fling

The Professor never mentioned his stem cell therapy to Fry in " Three Hundred Big Boys ", and Fry is the only one who might take issue with it. Additionally, it isn't mentioned whether the stem cells the Professor used previously are adult stem cells or infant stem cells.

When the second Fry comes out of the stem-pool, he calls his robot self a "dork. In Bender's Big Score, he also makes fun of his time duplicate at the cryogenic lab. In most episodes of the second runBender usually dances as much as he can eg.

Censorship This episode was subject to censorship by Pick TV. When he says that "[they're] on it now", he is referencing the revival of Futurama by Comedy Central, beginning with this episode. The Professor says Leela "went all Blade Runner ". The reveal that the first Fry is a robot is very similar to the revelation that Marcus Wright is a Terminator in Terminator: When the cast is rebirthed, the first few are introduced by name, and the last ones out announced as "The Rest", a call back to the original theme song of Gilligan's Island where the Professor and Mary Ann are introduced as "The Rest" although only two characters remained to be named.

This is due to their designation as "second-billed co-stars". The same reference is made in " Less than Hero ". When Leela is discovered to be in an irreversible coma, Bender sings, "Coma coma coma coma coma coma-leela!

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Fry sees a cinema showing the film That Darn Cyclops! The film's name is a reference to the film That Darn Cat! Bender having to constantly dance in order for the doomsday devise to not detonate is a reference to the film Speedin which a bus cannot slow down without exploding.

Before it was opened, ships going between the east and west coasts of North America had to travel around South America. Sean's wife, Darlene, interrupts the fight to announce that the shuttle is repaired. She and Sean depart immediately to avoid any extra resort fees. On Simian 7 with the delivery complete, Amy and Guenter the Monkey recognize each other. Guenter promises not to give away Amy's secret.

In fact, Guenter takes Bender, Amy, and Zoidberg on a tour of his city, leading them finally to the City Zoo where he explains that the zoo's policy of compassion leads to the animals not even knowing that they're in captivity. The point is driven home when they arrive at the human exhibit, where they find Fry and Leela enjoying their "secluded" vacation, unwittingly on public display on Simian 7. The arrival of the tour group coincides with the moment at which Fry and Leela make up and begin their vacation in earnest.

Guenter and the others believe that their friends are being held against their will. They visit the zoo director, who turns out to be Banjo the Orangutanto plead for their release. Banjo explains that not only are they not being held, but they actually paid to be there, as the human exhibit and Casa Isolada are one and the same.

It is a popular exhibit, as different couples have visited for years. Banjo explains that when Sean and his current wife visited, the zoo decided to conduct a behavioral experiment: Guenter is satisfied at the news that Fry and Leela are here voluntarily, but the Planet Express crew are not.

They worry about Fry and Leela being embarrassed. Banjo helps them to cool their fervor by showing them video of Fry and Leela complaining about and mocking each one of them in turn. Banjo finally reveals his knowledge that Amy is a human, and sounds the alarm. Fleeing, the crew resolve to rescue Fry and Leela in spite of being offended.

On the threshold of success, they are swallowed whole by a moon worm and must wait a week to pass through its digestive tract. They emerge somewhat worse for the wear to find Fry and Leela just leaving, unaware of their presence, having spent a week on display. Back home, Fry and Leela tell the others about their vacation, oblivious to everything that happened outside their enclosure. Bender wants to humiliate them by revealing the truth, but Amy and Zoidberg remain strong, urging him to keep the secret.

When Fry and Leela loudly and mockingly revisit their own secrets about the others, Amy changes her mind and advises Bender "Let 'er rip. It is not until after the executive producer credits, that Bender is comically seen yelling the truth to Fry and Leela. Reception[ edit ] The A.