Harihara raya and bukka dating

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harihara raya and bukka dating

Harihara (the successor of Bukka Raya, according to the generally received The earliest of the grants of Bukka Raya is dated A.D. , and the latest Bukka Raya ruled Vijaya nagar, Hari Hara Raya. Vijaya Bukka Rāyalu. Gajaki DR Dáva Rāya. (This is certainly one century before the true date.) Virüpäxa Rāya. An inscription under date A.D. , says that Vijaya named Harihara, made a Vira Bukka Raya's son Harihara Raya's increasing reign, when he was ruling a.

It is defined as, a vast piece of land region where millions of people live together for centuries, the remains of their once presence here, such as constructive skills, heaps, ruins and mounds is called culture of that particular place.

Sometimes vacated or ruined towns, cities and even metropolis by the impact of wars, devastating natural calamities, serious and non curable epidemic force people to change their shelters in a big way. These people then though forcibly leave their original place but then they never forget their past life. They always try to live in a new place with past reminiscences.

harihara raya and bukka dating

They try hard and build new villages and construct their houses sometimes even towns and cities in a manner, keeping in view their old living styles of life. Sangma Dynasty is not an exception to this rule.

You will see many similarities between Sangam or Sanguem and Hampi. Let us see how they come together if not geographically but at least through aureola equating their names of places, spirits, hillocks, dams, Talis etc. This dam irrigates nearby fields by way of canals. These canals were constructed by either Harihara Raya himself or his father as chieftain of Sangam. These dams too were constructed by Harihara Raya to irrigate the fields when he first became the ruler here.

The names of small dams inside are not known but elderly people say there are dams inside of Tungabhudra big dam. It is very popular.

It is a sign of moral efficiency. But of course they were as Kannada kings. There is also a Pandava Cave, well seen even today here. It is mysterious, because it emerges beautiful bubbles at its surface when any person at any given time claps his hands at its band. It is surrounded by big and small mountains at one side and River Saleli at the other.

Some historians say, lone king Sulu Narasimha ruled this kingdom. The other above named king Immadi Narasimha ruled it as a regent, not with crown. Immadi Narasimha had two sons. It means army and judiciary chief. He had also an additional duty as a Governor General. Sulu Narasimha when took charge of the kingdom in A. Bahamani king took benefit of this and waged war against Virupaksha Raya.

At this time Sulu Narsimha fought bravely and defected Bahamanis. He became a popular leader. He took charge of Vijayanagar as a king without any bloodshed.

But his rule never fulfilled even his own expectations. He had to fight Palegar insergeant leaders. He died in A. Immadi Narsimha, say suppose either as a king or as an agent or regent of Sulu Narasimha, he ruled for fourteen years. Out of his two sons, one of them died when he was just small. The other son died when Immadi Narsimha fell seriously ill. The anecdotal lyric of our family describes his death by this way death of prince. The lyric is in Konkani language. Nevertheless the people are shrewd and clever.

The pillars are studded with diamonds. Your palace is non-passable even for an ant then how came cobra snake here to bite our beloved prince. If we go for the authenticity and truth of the song then, it is a cent percent proof.

Thus came the end of the Sulu or Salve dynasty. Not in a way, the people would like it. Tulu or Tuluva No. This incredible dynasty ruled Vijayanagara vast empire for over sixty-five years.

Whatever your lip accent it may sound, the true meaning of the word Naik it means the leader of people. There is no other meaning to it.

A Forgotten Empire Chapter 4

He was a wise person, he delivered good justice to the people of Saluva kingdom. Later on when Saluva Dynasty become weaker under king Saluva Narashima Deva, Naras Naika impressed every royal courtier with his clever approach and classic governing ability. History further says, he took over the kingdom of Vijayanagara into his hands, most importantly without any sort of bloodshed.

He was fully adorned and respected by his subject. His Tulu Dynasty is originated from Konkan, when kings considered Konkan as a wholesome part of a vast region where places like Karwar, Manglore, Sawantwadi and State of Goa were included. This Tulu language is a mixture tune of Konkani, Kannada and Marathi languages. These languages speaking areas are also seen in Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Though the accent and style is little different. Tulu Dyanasty kings were speaking Tulu language.

These people are very courageous, builders, planners, designers at their birth. They too, were very rich, prosperous and well to do in respect of human life. They possessed and tamed thousands of goats, sheep, buffaloes and various cattles.

They always intensively searched for good and vast pastures along with their chieftain to satisfy the day to day needs. During those days, their milk products, milk and meat and its products were considered as second best finance regularity,only next to agriculture. So, for them, money was not a concern in their lives. It is disgusting to see a language flourished recently during Vijayanagara rule in India.

It is a pitiful time to Indian culture. A twenty years reign of Suluva dynasty when came to an end, the vast Vijayanagara empire came under Tuluva Narasanaika in A. By this time he wished to retire. His age too, was much more.

He handed over his crown to his elder son, Tappana Naik, the accent of which in Kannada is Tappanike. Narasunaika was a peace loving king. His earlier or birth name was Narsimhadeva Raya.

Naika, Nayak or Naique it means a leader nothing else. It also means neither a caste nor a creed. While Obambike died early death, Tappana Naika took reigns in his hands in A. He is responsible to send his younger brother, Naganna Naik to Goa and Konkan when he defeated Adil Shah in Deccan as governor general.

harihara raya and bukka dating

He died or descended the throne in A. His son Veer Narsimha ascended the throne in A. This benevolent king will always be remembered for his courage, spirit, nobility and efficiency in written and spoken language in the Indian history.

He was born in He ascended the throne on 8th August A. A very popular traveller and author by name Paes who attended the royal crown ceremony says, he was just a twenty year lad during his crown ceremony.

A medium height youngster but very much handsome. There were two beauty spots natural on his face both sides on cheeks. He also compared himself to Prince Nakula who was considered to be the most handsome man on earth of Hindu epic Mahabharat and a famous Pandava.

At that time he called everyone of his foreign dignitaries at first place and paid them his royal respect. He was an extraordinary administrator and better justice deliverer.

Before retiring from the active politics,willingly, he had conquered almost all south India. The reason why he is always compared to the mighty king Harshavardhana to south and Pulkeshin II in the north.

No other king in Indian history has ever ruled such a vast empire after his own. During his reign Vijayanagara empire touched its height of glory.

His administrative system had four divisions 1 state administration, council administration, border security and reserved force administration. An executive magistrate was the incharge in each district.

He was assisted by junior officers, police officers, army platoon, guards etc. These districts were empowered with a sole judge else no other could interfere. Though at state level sometimes Governor General could ask for redress. So he always chose competent persons for judicial acts.

Only serious criminals used to get death penalty but it always needed kings say on it. His was a clean administration. There was a fully devoted and well behaved police force in force. He always thought of his female subject. There were thousands of lady personnel in to his police force. Woman also got high education, wrestling, as fortunetellers, music and dance. More importantly few of the women were judges in his vast empire. The reason why, you will see more than hundred idols of monkey cult.

And of course sun is a deity without whose help no one will survive.

harihara raya and bukka dating

Though came from shepherd cult, most superior caste those days, he was a secular fabric in every way. He had constructed all sorts of Temples, Masjids, Buddha and Jain temples. He had lot of foreign priests of Christian religion in his court. Though there is no mention of any church here in those days, it is understandable, there was no major Christian population here. The allround excellent king had hundreds of high profile muslim officers into his governing administration.

He had permitted every religion to go with their own rites and rituals. He was a genius in Telugu, Sanskrit and Tulu languages. He made Mahabharata easy. He also took every part of it concerning politics of those days. He authorized his books in Telugu language. His court contained Brahamin, Jain and Muslim poets. This village presently is a part of Salcete taluka of Goa. Most of the Goan people never know much about this beautiful ancient capital city.

Even to- day I have never visited this spiritual village. But I will not give up my say on it, after reading its history by Domingos Paes written during his visit to Vijayanagra probably written in A. Professor Domingo Paes says, this city of Rachol lies between two great rivers, and in the midst of a great plain where there are no trees except very small ones, and there are great boulders there, from each river to the city of Rachol are three leagues.

One of these rivers is the northern boundary, and beyond it the country land belongs to the Adilshah, and the other is the boundary to the south which is the boundry of Vijayanagra. At the top where fortress stands is a spring of water which runs all the year round. It is held to be holy and mysterious thing that a spring which is in a lofty situation should in some way never be without water. Besides this spring there are several tanks of water and wells, so that the citizens had no fear of being ever taken for lack of water, and there were in the city supplies for five years.

There were eight thousand men as garrison and four hundred horse and twenty elephants and thirty catapults I never know what it mean which hurled heavy stones and did great damage. The towers which are on the walls are so close together that one can hear words spoken from one another.

Between these and all around they posted their artillery, which consisted of two hundred heavy pieces, not to mention small ones. As soon as the people of the city knew of the arrival of the kings troops, and after they had received a captain of the Adilshah who came with some soldiers to the city, they closed the gates with stone and mortar.

The chief fight which takes place is on the east side, because on the north sides it stands on huge rocks which make it very strong, and the city being besieged on all sides, the camp of the king was on the east side and so was the strength of the attack. It is nice to meet to see and is even today a better option to win wars.

Fernao Nuniz says, the tent of the King was surrounded by a great hedge of thorns with only one entrance, and with a gate at which stood his guards.

Inside this hedge loged the Brahman who washes him and has charge of the idol that he always carries about him and also other persons who hold offices about the kings person, and eunuchs who are always to be found in his chamber.

And outside this circle all around are his guards who watch all night at fixed spots, with this guard and quartered the officers of the household; and from thence to the front were all the other captains in their appointed post, according as each one was entrusted and ordered. Outside of all these people, in a camp by themselves, were the scouts of whom I have already spoken whose duty it is to patrol all night through the camp and watch to see if they can catch any spices.

On the other side the washer men, who are those that wash army clothes were in a camp by themselves and that were near to the place where they could best wash clothes. All the camp was divided into regular streets. Each captains division has its markets, where you found all kinds of meat, such as sheep, goats, pigs, fowls, hares, partridges and other birds, and this is in great abundance, so much so that it would seem as if you were in green grains and other seeds that the army eat.

Besides these things, which are necessaries, they had yet another market where you could find in great abundance, everything that you wanted, in these markets. They also sell things that in our Portugal are sold by professional hucksters. There were craftsmen, also working in their streets provided to them.

So gold articles, jewels and gewgaws, and you will find all kinds of rubies and diamonds and pearls, with every other kind of precious stones for sale. There also were to be seen sellers of clothes, and these were without number as that is a thing so many want, they being of soft cotton. There were also to be seen grass and straw in infinite abundance. It is mystery how there should be an abundance of everything therein. Anyone can imagine what grass and straw would be required each day for the consumption of thirty — two thousand four hundred horses and five hundred and fifty- one elephants.

It is better not to speak sumpter- mules and asses, and the great numbers of oxen which carry all the supply and other burdens, such as tents. Even today no one can dream such a lot at a time for a single war. Use of drums and trumpets and other musical instruments just uncountable. But I cease to speak more, because I should never finish. Let me talk about army. Following is the order of the war front. The chief of the guard led the advance with thirty thousand infantry cum archers, men with shields, and musqueteers and spearmen and a thousand horses and twenty elephants.

After him went Adapana Naik with one thousand foot and five thousand horses and fifty elephants. After him came the commander in chief with one hundred and twenty thousand foot, six thousand horses and sixty elephants. After him went comara may be a prince with eighty thousand foe and two thousand horses, forty elephants. Ogemadra the governor of Vijayanagra city with one of his captain who had one thousand horses and thirty thousand foot and few elephants.

The king himself took of his guards six thousand horses and forty thousand foot along with pick ranks in fighting ability and nobles of his empire. The noble King waged this costly war for a small piece of land Rachol Goa for he had heard; Adlishah hurt lot to two majority communities here. I do not wish to name them because everyone knoe about that. The King too new well, that under a treaty with King Devaraya II, the new rulars of Adlishahi failed to pay their tribute being vassal King for last ten years.

The war was definitely a need. This happened in Prior to war professor Nuniz was serving as an important officer at the court of shri Krishna. Nothing would have gone wrong for imperial empire of Vijayanagara, if great emperor Shri Krishna Deva Raya had he not married his daughter Tuluva Basvanti whom Portuguese called by name Bysina to Aliya Ramaraya a selfish person.

Shri Krishnadeva Raya under the burden of love towards his daughter and also for his weakening of health placed his infant son on the throne offering every power in the hands of Aliya Ramaraya.

harihara raya and bukka dating

Few other historians never believe it. Some of them believe, they were three brothers of a single queen of king Tappana Naik.

Shrikrishna, Achuta and Ramaraya Devaraya. But very last name looks funny to compare with other two names. But it is simple to understand from availed history, nothing was going well between Shrikrishna Deva Raya and his brother Achut Deva Raya. Achuta Deva Raya assumed throne in A.

In between chaos and mislead power brtween Aliya and Achuta. The empire by this way lost many good vassel kingdoms. But aftermath, he rose to the occasion and kept alive the whole empire intect till his death. He also amassed lot of treasure. He was never a violent king. During his early rule, Goa was declared independent by a muslim ruler other than Adilsha but Achuta Deva Raya with the help of three Naika leders of his own tulu Dynasty here again recovered it in A.

Bukka Raya I - Wikipedia

But not to forget Naikas were Governor Generals and Supremos. The muslim Prince who dared to challenge him, it seems may be Asad Khan, overlord of Belgaum. This clever king history says always took help from muslim king against another muslim ruler, even if he needed to pay for it either in cash or a piece of land. But his successor never followed this policy. The reason why he is considered as a little weak king. But timely good answer is not a weakness. Live aside about his glamorous life as a king, fortunately for India he is a lone super epigraphists, enjoying it along with big crown.

He too was liberal towards Brahamans, considered as an inefficient class those days, compared to his other counterparts. He died peacefully enjoying his own art epigraphy at his capital Hampi in A. Fortunatly for Vijaynagara empire, this king had everything at his disposal.

But unfortunately he never tried to remain as a power as his counterparts did. After the death of Achuta Deva Raya, his father he ascended the throne in A.

There is no reason to say, he was a puppet king. History clearly mentions, he signed every document as a sovereign king. Three powerful brothers by name Tirumala, venkatadri and Ramaraya lessened his burden as a king is a historical fact. The other important fact is, the central command i. The defeat of Vijanagara in is an order of destiny. No one is born to live forever. It is a long period of time for a vast empire.

The result only the capital city with its small surroundings around fell. More importently, Vijaynagara shrewd and clever princes never allowed their huge treasure to go into the hands of multiple enemies. The reason why they razed the city to heaps of boulders for not getting anything after big losses. King Sadasiva fled much earlier before even his anticipated success or may be a long time bound defeat.

It can hardly be supposed that King Harihara II. The Muhammadan historians admit an unbroken peace of twenty years previous to this date. It seems, therefore, that the chronicles of Nuniz, the writings of Firishtah, and the extant inscriptions all agree together, and that we must place the death of Harihara II.

harihara raya and bukka dating

Little more can be said about the events of his reign. The new king, his eldest son, Bukka II. The names and lengths of reigns given to "Ajarao's" successors by our chronicler prove that by "Ajarao" he means two kings, Bukka II. Nuniz states that the successor of Harihara II. But his great work was the construction of a huge dam in the Tungabhadra river, and the formation of an aqueduct fifteen miles long from the river into the city.

If this be the same channel that to the present day supplies the fields which occupy so much of the site of the old city, it is a most extraordinary work.

For several miles this channel is cut out of the solid rock at the base of the hills, and is one of the most remarkable irrigation works to be seen in India. No details are given of the wars he engaged in, except that, besides his campaigns against the Moors, he took "Goa, Chaul, and Dabull," and reduced the Choromandel side of the peninsula to loyalty and obedience to his rule.

We learn a great deal more about the doings of Bukka II. Bukka's first war began with the invasion already alluded to. It took place during his father Harihara's reign, apparently about the month of December A. The wide cotton plains of that tract are only passable during prolonged dry weather, and the prince would certainly not have risked an advance while there was any likelihood of rain falling. Bukka's son accompanied his father, and the objective was the country of the Doab, and particularly the fortresses of Mudkal and Raichur, then in the hands of the Bahmani Sultan.

Sultan Firuz moved to meet him, slaughtering on the way a Hindu chief or zamindar and seven or eight thousand of his followers, "who had always been very troublesome and refractory.

Cauzi Serauje, with seven of his friends disguised as holy mendicants, proceeded to the roy's camp, and repaired to the quarter where the dancing-girls resided. In the evening the girl, having adorned herself in her richest ornaments, prepared to go out, on which the cauzi, like a jealous and distracted lover, falling at her feet, entreated her to stay, or let him attend her, and not rend his heart by her absence. The woman upon this informed him that she was ordered to attend an entertainment by the roy's son, and durst not disobey, nor could she take him with her, as only musicians and dancers would be admitted.

The cauzi upon this replied that he played on the same instrument as herself, and had, besides, some curious accomplishments that would highly please the roy's son. The dancing-girl, thinking him in jest, out of contempt gave him her mundal,[87] and desired him to play, which he did in so masterly a manner that she was delighted, saying that his company would give her superiority over her fellows and do her honour with the roy's son.

Accordingly he with his companions attended the girl to the tents of the young roy. The dancing-girl now obtained leave for the cauzi and one of his companions to show their feats.

Having assumed the dress of women, they entered ogling and smiling, and so well imitated the mummers in playing on the mundal, dancing, and mimicry, that the roy's son was charmed with their performances. At length they each drew a dagger, and, like the dancers of Dekkan, continued to flourish them for some time, making a thousand antic postures in advancing, retreating, and turning round.

At last, suddenly rushing upon the roy's son, they plunged both the daggers into his breast, afterwards attacking his companions. Their remaining friends, who were watching without the tent, on hearing an alarm, ripped up the curtain, and entered to assist them.

Many of the company, being much intoxicated, were easily put to death. The cauzi with his friends extinguished all the lights, and, making their escape through the rent, mingled with the crowd. The outcry soon became general round the tents. Great confusion ensued, and various reports and alarms took place.

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Some said that the sultan had crossed the river and surprised the camp, others that one of his chiefs, with twelve thousand men, had cut off both the roy and his son.

The night was uncommonly dark, and the camp extended near ten miles, so that circumstances were variously reported, and the different chiefs, ignorant of the real cause of the alarm, contended themselves with waiting in their several quarters; under arms. About four thousand of the sultan's troops, in this interim, crossed the river in boats and rafts which had been prepared for the purpose.

Hakka bukka

The enemy's foot, stationed to oppose the passage, terrified by the alarm in camp and the approach of the sultan's forces, fled in confusion without waiting to be attacked. Before the morning Feroze Shaw had crossed the river with his whole army, and at dawn assaulted the enemy's camp with great fury.