Hugo becker and leighton meester dating penn

Hugo becker and leighton meester dating |

hugo becker and leighton meester dating penn

Penn Badgley certainly has shades of Dan in him: He was also too smart for Outside of work, Penn and Domino Kirke (sister of Lola and Jemima) began dating in Adam Brody said that Zuzanna is still one of Leighton's best friends. . Prince Louis of Monaco, aka Louis Grimaldi, played by Hugo Becker. Safran told E! Online that Blair (Leighton Meester) will be caught between Chuck (Ed Westwick), Louis (Hugo Becker) and Dan (Penn Badgley). dating after they made up a relationship to protect Blair in last night's episode. Hugo Becker as Louis, Penn Badgley as Dan, Ed Westwick as Chuck, Chace Celebrities Who Have Dated Their Co-Stars Blake Lively as Marilyn Monroe and Leighton Meester as Audrey Hepburn on Gossip Girl Pictures.

Belles de Jour

The next day, Blair convinces him to give her another chance. They go on a fun date and are going to go to a ball, but Blair is pulled away to stop Chuck from running away from his life.

Their short-lived romance ends when Blair goes back to New York leaving Louis with one of her shoes and says he can always come find her Double Identity. Towards the end of season four, Louis arrives in Manhattan with Blair's shoe and they start dating again. He comes secretly, although his cover is almost blown when Dan is assigned to write an article about it. When his family finds out, Blair devises a scheme to pretend Louis is actually there for a charity event Petty in Pink.

During the party, she kisses Dan and Serena tells Louis that Blair has been interested in Dan for awhile. However, the two eventually makeup.

Petty in Pink

Sophie Grimaldi, Louis' mother, soon arrives in the city and does not approve of Blair as a partner for Louis, as she is not royalty. At the end of season four, Louis and Blair get engaged and plan to spend the summer in Monaco together.

Season Five The royal wedding is still on, but Blair is frustrated that Louis is unable to stand up to his mother and almost calls it off Yes, Then Zero. Later, it is revealed that Louis was giving Eliza Barnes, a therapist to Chuck, money to upset Chuck in the hope that Chuck will do something reckless and drive Blair away forever. Barnes which in turn leaves Blair devastated, as she's worried Louis is turning into Chuck.

Charlie finds herself on stakeout and sees Dan and Blair having a conversation at the restaurant counter.

hugo becker and leighton meester dating penn

Charlie informs Serena of Blair and Dan's date but is unaware that Dan had left after Blair forces him out to make her date with Louis. Shortly, Serena arrives at the restaurant and realizes that Blair is dating Louis, shrugging off her suspicions that Dan and Blair are seeing each other. Insisting that she couldn't have mistaken Dan for someone else, Serena praises her work but Charlie excuses herself, saying that she'll be staying to scout out New York University.

hugo becker and leighton meester dating penn

At the Empire Hotel, Raina finds herself troubled over the whereabouts of her mother and enlists that aid of a private investigator. Nate however, suspects something when he sees a change in Chuck's demeanor and follows Raina. Chuck later discovers that Raina is looking for her mother.

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Blair and Louis find themselves being tracked down by Lucien Dominik TiefenthalerLouis' royal adviser, and Blair discovers that Lucien had bribed Dan on the pretense that he was interested in Dan's writing. Blair calls Dan and demands that he meet her at a store. Charlie continues her investigation of Dan and finds him with Blair, who plans her scheme to drive out Louis.

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Blair persuades Dan to stage a fake relationship at the Pink party thereby convincing Lucien to leave without Louis and for Blair to be able to spend time with him. Charlie takes a photo of Blair presenting a pink tie to Dan and sends it to Serena, who conspires with Eric and Rufus to have the Pink party moved at the van der Woodsen apartment. Serena decides to blackmail a party planner to keep an eye on Dan and Blair.

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hugo becker and leighton meester dating penn

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hugo becker and leighton meester dating penn