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Hyun Tae Woon from School proves that nice guys don't finish last and shows that he is the boyfriend we all wish we had!. Hong Jong Hyun (January 7, ) is a South Korean actor and model. Her Lovely Hills () Dating Agency: Cyrano () Jeon Woo-chi () a secret crush on co-worker Tae-Soo (Hong Jong-Hyun). Tae-Soo does not believe in love. JH: Minkyung-ssi. This is Blue Night Jonghyun, and I can reveal a nickname right now too. MK: Your girlfriend right now must not be that pretty. JH: I don't know .. Jonghyun: Hyuntae is the same age as you. He's born the.

He then decides to join the competition himself and struggles to become a global pop idol. This isn't a drama but I loved watching it and I died of laughter and JHJ is really cute in this sitcom! HJH played the villain very well in Moon Lovers, despite him being the antagonist. I couldn't hate him; his acting is so good, and he looked like one of those historical paintings. He's really beautiful in the This-Man-is-Art kind of way! Every night she experiences terrible nightmares.

Unable to cope with the nightmares anymore, she heeds the advice of a shaman and goes back to the villa where her family stayed 24 years ago.

The villa is now known as "Wonderland.

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During the next 15 days, Hye-Joong has to find something that is missing. If she succeeds her nightmares will stop. The actors are great, so is the script. The scenes are amazing and the Alice references were cool. They are not siblings I repeat they are not related!!! He is the son of the other woman. I hope the ppl who don't know much about Hong Jong Hyun check out his dramas and movies.

Soon I will be binge watching all of his dramas and movies! There must have been great pressure. To start it was pressure. Told of the plan from my company, I had lots of talks with the music business team.

Songs are not there for you always. Good is good, so good songs are recommended and I record them… I recorded about 9 songs in total out of which 6 songs were included in the album.

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I made efforts to give unity to the album. You pinpoint well JH: There are idol images. From the viewpoint of an idol, some of them are falsely charged. The dilemma you had preparing for your album, I thought, might be related to it. I think the differences should be mediated. Right, it all goes away. We had lots of fights and conflicts and lots of misunderstandings. At the party after SMTown concert, it was all resolved. I checked music charts and many people seem to show interest.

Some like it but others find it not their style. I want to improve as I take good advice. I liked the shooting sound in your music program performances. It was added right before performing on a music program as effect sounds for performance. Danger has some of Michael Jackson feel. Did you have it in mind while working on the song? The song was composed abroad and bought. We are the same age, so we went along well. Surprised by your dancing. Korean idol entertainment is very systemic. So our basic skills are solid.

To a foreign dancer who is new to such a system, it looks fresh for me to copy him so well. I heard he found it amazing for you to copy him so well. It came out at the last moment. TVXQ Changmin wrote lyrics and volunteered to do chorus for the song. I was so thankful, and it made me have more affection to the song.

The second is Pretty Boy. My friend Exo Kai did the rap part featuring. The last is my personal favorite, Sonata Play Me. It is very sweet. I thought it would make the album have SHINee feels. I wanted to broaden my scope. I think it was a very good decision. Because you are a SHINee member. But your effort not to have any more was wise.

I wrote the lyrics thinking about what Taemin-goon must have felt living as an entertainer and what I felt. Although we have to carry those images, I also wanted to show different sides. So I talked to Jonghyun-ssi about it.

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Right, we had a talk at the airport. On the airplane and at the airport. I want to be a pretty boy with other sides. I think Taemin-ssi may have had hard time due to rumors or misunderstanding. You debuted when you were 15 years old. Even after you came of age, people still forced certain images on you as you had a long period of being a minor.

I thought it was bad for Taemin-ssi. I have my own opinions and views. So it makes me afraid. It was rather burdensome at first.

We are now sangnamja. How would you be described? I want to remain in your memory, carved in your mind. Talking with them, I learn naturally. No self-composed songs this time? For the self-composed song I showed last time, there was a reference. I liked a song and wanted to make a song like that. When I have my own style and find what I want to do, then I want to do self-composed songs.

When nothing is lacking… TM: When I find my identity… JH: You have your own style you want to do, but in my case, it keeps changing. The music genre you like keeps changing. Which genre do you like? A calm one these days. I like folk songs too, listen to old pop a lot these days. I think I need some healing.

Maybe because I have been running without rest, I need something to calm me down.

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You have lived an entertainer for half of your life. There were moments that made me get better. They made me who I am. I could have been just a common student without those moments. They changed me as I walked on an unusual path. You have no experiences as a common man.