Jt and britney spears dating a girl

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jt and britney spears dating a girl

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears dated from through The group had various opening acts, including girl-group, B*Witched. This Justin Timberlake ex-girlfriends list includes some of the most beautiful women in From his childhood pal Britney Spears to saucy Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake's exes In short, Justin Timberlake has dated some beautiful women. Even when she dated Justin Timberlake, the pop princess was still the but for someone who craves stability and harmony as Spears does—a.

She didn't get to that low-key place overnight, though.

18 Girls Who Justin Timberlake Has Dated

And then she had some high-profile fun—and even higher-profile scandals—en route to having her two children and devoting herself to their well-being. So the spate of generally nonfamous or not yet famous fellows in her life since her divorce makes sense.

She's got her priorities: She seems to appreciate companionship very much, hence her interest in men who don't have to be away for months at a time on their own tour or while off shooting a movie.

jt and britney spears dating a girl

Lo and A-Rod, for instancebut for someone who craves stability and harmony as Spears does—a place in life she didn't arrive at easily—that particular game may not be for her.

Last summer, while she was between relationships, she told James Corden during "Carpool Karaoke," "I might not ever go to men again, ever do the whole men thing again, or get married.

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I'm just done with men. But at 35, Spears has plenty of time to change her mind, and while her particular road has led her to here, who knows what the future holds? Justin was even Britney's first kiss.

Young, innocent love at its finest. Untilthat is, when they unceremoniously split up. Rumor later had it that Britney cheated on Justin could you imagine? The worst thing is everyone wants to talk to me about it.

Justin Timberlake from Britney Spears' Romantic History | E! News

Everywhere I go people are asking how I am. It's a strange feeling getting used to being single again, but I suppose I'll have to cope. I'm just starting to get the knack of it because ever since I was 15 I've been in a serious relationship. He continued, "I can't just have meaningless relationships with women. I have to find Miss Right in order to have a relationship.

jt and britney spears dating a girl

There's got to be that big moment when she comes along. You can't help what happens in life because everything happens for a reason. She's got a great ass, that's all. I just guess at the time it was taboo for a guy like me to be associated with a gal like her.

Who could blame a girl? People reported at the time that they were seen kissing on a balcony at Chateau Marmont after the screening. The chemistry was magical…our feelings were so strong Britney's mom, Lynne, stepped in to prevent that as soon as our feelings started to develop.

jt and britney spears dating a girl

Though no one had ever heard of this dude before that night, in Alexander told ABC News that he and Brit had actually been FWB back in the day, even when she was dating Timberlake. So when Spears "was like, 'Well, let's get married' I was like, 'Sure.

You know, let's do this,'" he recalled.

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I feel like she felt the same way. News in March that she was just "being silly, being rebellious, and not really taking the responsibility of what I was doing, you know? And after partying, you know, you really don't think about what you're doing.

So it was one of those things that were really silly. I didn't quite know what I'm still figuring out myself and learning every day. These childhood friends shocked countless people during a trip to Las Vegas.

Back on New Year's inJason flew on a private jet to meet up with Britney. What came next was a trip to a wedding chapel where they exchanged vows and were married for 55 hours before getting the marriage annulled. While their marriage only lasted three years, their relationship helped Britney become a mom to two boys who light up her world. Just over a year after getting engaged, the pair called off their engagement and ended their romantic relationship.

I'll always adore him and we will remain great friends," Britney said in a statement. Jason added, " As this chapter ends for us a new one begins. I love and cherish her and her boys and we will be close forever.

This Conspiracy Theory That Justin Timberlake Still Isn't Over Britney Spears Kind of Holds Up

The pop icon and the Virginia-raised lawyer were first romantically linked in February Ultimately, Britney would confirm the relationship was over in an August tweet. A source later told to E! News that Brit called it quits because of an alleged video that showed David cheating on the celeb.

jt and britney spears dating a girl

He denied such claims. In fact, Britney was asked about possibly tying the knot with Charlie. After less than eight months of dating, however, the pair called it quits. Sorry guys, but Britney is currently taken. While they have only been dating for a couple of months, the singer and Sam have made things Instagram official and even attended a Grammys event together.