Katrina and ranbir dating pics

Spotted: Ranbir-Katrina kissing

katrina and ranbir dating pics

Ranbir Kapoor has a lot of respect for Katrina Kaif even after the two broke up after a long six-year relationship. The actor, who also revealed that he fell in love . Tracing the Ranbir-Katrina love story Bollywood sweethearts Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were recently . 5 images Thu, 10 Jan, Almost five years ago around the same time, Ranbir Kapoor and his then lover Katrina Kaif's pictures from Ibiza vacation went viral online.

Meanwhile reports had surfaced that Deepika and Ranbir were having their fights. Deepika's grouse being that Ranbir was never around and not spending enough time with her.

Sources also suggest that Deepika had often landed on the set of Ajab Prem. They split sometime in When Ranbir first started getting to know Katrina, he was not sure of how that would go down with Salman Khan, who was with Katrina for almost eight years.

He probably feared the famous Salman temper.

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After Salman got wind of a budding romance between Ranbir and Katrina, he obviously wasn't too thrilled about it initially. At a time when Ranbir and Imran were being pitted against each other, Salman was obviously warmer towards Imran and got never tired of saying nice things about him in his interviews. This was more than clear because you never saw Salman and Ranbir together once the young actor had started getting close to Katrina.

katrina and ranbir dating pics

If we jog our memory a little then one can clearly recall that Salman was part of Ranbir's debut film Sawaariya.

The superstar had at the time gone hammer and tongs promoting and praising Ranbir. That was now a thing of the past. He had said, "Yes, I've cheated, out of immaturity, out of inexperience, out of taking advantage of certain temptations, out of callousness.

Katrina Kaif enjoys dinner with Ranbir Kapoor’s family | Entertainment News, The Indian Express

That's why I don't want to jump into a relationship with anybody because unless you have that attachment with someone, unless you have a special bond, somebody you can be committed to, somebody who can trust you, who can respect you, there's no point.

In the interaction that followed she even stated, "Just because I've acted with Akshay and Salman doesn't make me older. I'm younger than Ranbir. On the other hand, Salman and Katrina parted ways in a hush-hush manner.

Did Ranbir cheat on Deepika with Katrina? In an interview, Ranbir confessed that he had cheated in a relationship, "Yes, I've cheated, out of immaturity, out of inexperience, out of taking advantage of certain temptations, out of callousness.

You realise it now, when you grow up and you value it more why be in a relationship, why be committed to someone when you cannot be committed? Deepika gets friendly with Ranbir-Katrina Reports claimed that Deepikawho attended Ranbir's birthday party in Septemberhad a warm chat with both Katrina and Ranbir, putting to rest all rumours that she hated the couple.

The images went viral on the internet and further strenghthened rumours that the duo was dating. In an episode of Koffee with Karan season four, Kareena Kapoor said that she plans to dance on 'Chikni Chameli' at Ranbir and Katrina's wedding, putting another family stamp on the relation that was yet to be officially announced. Confirmed dating each other, moved in together By lateRanbir and Katrina began making confident, public appearances - a clear suggetsion of maturity and stability in their relation.

Inboth the actors admitted in different interviews that they hold special importance in each othersa' lives. Katrina had said, "He is an extremely important person in my life. I have a lot of regard for him.

Katrina Kaif enjoys dinner with Ranbir Kapoor’s family

He is an amazing person, and an amazing actor. And I feel everyone — to a large extent — is aware of his presence in my life. And Imtiaz Ali and Anurag Basu, as they add a lot to my life. A fan soon posted another version of the same image where Katrina could be seen.

katrina and ranbir dating pics

Rumours then started buzzing that Neetu hates Katrina! Ranbir and Katrina reportedly started living together late in after Kapoor moved out of his parents' place. Rishi Kapoor later confirmed in an interview that the duo was living together.