Radio z rock and pop online dating

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radio z rock and pop online dating

KZRO-ZFM-ZCHANNELRADIO Online.. Listen to Live music, Request Z Studio A pumping out the Classic Rock Live to your speakers.. Z Studio B. RADIO . Click To Download Our New App · Win A Family Ski Vacation! Click For Details. Listen to Z-Rock on Alexa! It's easy to enable the skill, click here to find out . Z Rock & Pop se caracteriza por difundir música de los años 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, y lo mejor de los , durante 24 horas al día a través de Internet.

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It broadcasts in some cities in Peru through its assigned frequencies, as on internet via www. That is because numerous listeners made the reiterated request of the return to the dial.

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The Signal could be heard clearly in the East zone of the city. In a few days towards the end of Augustthe signal returned to Iquitos via In Novemberthe radio station stopped broadcasting in Cusco where it appeared on On the other hand, the radio station is announcing a ranking for its 18 years of broadcasting by the day of its anniversary 8 December.

radio z rock and pop online dating

The program "Z Sunset" is now broadcasting from Monday to Thursday at the same schedule 18;;00 from March In mid-Aprilthe frequency in Lima Recently on 5 Mayall its frequencies were substituted by a Latin-American music station; so the radio station shut down its signal in the cities where it used to broadcast on ArequipaChiclayoIcaMollendo and Tacna to continue broadcasting via internet. From that point, no presenters are heard on the radiostation any longer.

In the middle of Augustthe radiostation was back to normal: Also, there are some rumours that the radiostation could broadcast back on the FM. Z-Rock 5 Nightly countdown of the top five requested songs of the day. Prizes awarded to callers who could recite back the top five songs in the order that they were played.

Z-Rock 50 Weekly countdown of the network's top rock tracks aired Sunday nights.

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Some non-affiliate stations also aired this program. Z-Rock End-of-the-year countdown of the all-time greatest rock songs with songs from the previous year included. Headbanger's Heaven Program featuring heavy metal including demos and imports hosted by Crazy Mike Paine.

radio z rock and pop online dating

Featured thrash, speed, death, and power metal genres as well as several world premieres, contests, and interviews. Coast to Coast Concert Series Over 50 live broadcast concerts featuring many of the genre's top names, including Metallica. Wounded Radio Sunday night show featuring heavier rock music hosted by Sharkmann.

US Saturday night all-request show spanning minutes 4 hours Originally hosted by Sharkmann.

radio z rock and pop online dating

Nightly Nuke Weeknight feature where listeners called in and voted on the most despised top 40 song of the day usually a contemporary pop song. Once the votes were totaled, the winning song would be played with unflattering soundbytes mixed throughout it. After roughly a minute, a loud explosion sound would be played, essentially destroying or "nuking" the song. Back-Rockwards Nightly phone-in contest to guess identity of backwards played song song was played in its entirety with random noises played over it.

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Fast Forward Similar to Back-Rockwards, but with the song played forwards at about 10 times the speed. Eventually "Too much" would become a daily mid-day show with one hour of music from any artist sometimes featuring deep album cuts.

Old Stuff for an Hour Sunday morning classic rock show. Hosted by Crankin Craig.