Sagittarius woman and aquarius man dating

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sagittarius woman and aquarius man dating

Sep 4, When it comes to Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man love compatibility, it can be a very, very rewarding experience. We are not just talking. When the Aquarius man falls in love with the Sagittarius woman, two of the zodiac's free spirits get together – and what? Settle down? Change the world? Both. Read Aquarius Man x Sagittarius Woman from the story Aquarius by that these two may share common time together for long periods before calling it "dating".

We are not just talking about a mutually emotionally fulfilling relationship; it can also be a financially rewarding relationship.

sagittarius woman and aquarius man dating

This is, of course, a big deal to most people. Love can only go so far, there has to be financing to make sure that the people in the relationship can afford the life that they want to lead.

This is especially true when we are talking about the Aquarius man. The Aquarius man has a lot of ideals. The Aquarius man has a lot of hopes and dreams.

Aquarius Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

In many cases, the Aquarius man would prefer to live in this ideal world rather than in the world that he is forced to live in- the real world. If the Aquarius man in the relationship is highly polished and mature, his idealism can actually push the relationship forward, it can take the relationship to a much higher level of emotional fulfillment and personal happiness.

However, if he treats his ideals in terms of material ideals as well as emotional ideals as some sort of idol that he cannot seem to let go of, this can cause serious problems with his relationship with the Sagittarius woman.

sagittarius woman and aquarius man dating

It is very easy for the Aquarius man to become a prisoner of his ideals. In many cases, it takes a very hard fall or a nasty challenge for the Aquarius man to really get his bearings and stop living too much with his head in the clouds. He basically can come up with one half-baked idea after another and then spend years thinking about these ideas often in a very shallow way, and jumping from one idea to the other.

Sagittarius Woman – Aquarius Man

Instead of seeing his ideas turn into reality, he is basically just content gaining some sort of emotional comfort from his ideals. He is basically saying to himself one day I will make my dream a reality.

sagittarius woman and aquarius man dating

Well, unfortunately for many Aquarius people, that day never comes. This can drive the Sagittarius woman crazy. The issue for the Sagittarius woman is that he is not trying hard enough. Both of these partners are rational and give a lot of attention to their chain of thoughts.

sagittarius woman and aquarius man dating

Both of them are fast enough in coming to different conclusions. The contact between them will spark their need for intellectual sparring and they could end up in some great debates.

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When they share a love for something, they will talk about it passionately, excessively and find new ideas and solutions to incorporate in their approach to this subject. The speed of Aquarius mixed with the passionate state of constant belief of Sagittarius, could make their relationship one of the most productive in the entire zodiac.

None of these partners is that emotional on the surface, although Sagittarius can fall in and out of love quite often. It is a good thing that Sagittarius is so changeable, or they would have trouble keeping up with their Aquarius partner. Another good thing in this contact is the rational nature of both signs and their focus on mental processes. This will allow them to communicate about their emotions, whatever they are, without any sense of guilt or emotional pressure.

When their emotions start to build, it will take a long time before they are stable and both partners certain of their feelings for each other. Everything will follow after that. Aquarians value friendship over everything in any relationship. This man is electric and quick. Everything about him is powerful and fast. Even when he touches someone its as though an electric shock just went through your body. They are also humanitarians, always wanting the greater good for people and the planet.

He is highly intelligent, and sometimes the way his thought process works will baffle and amuse you. He is always coming up with something new. Things just pop into his head unexpectedly, and for no reason at all. Aquarius lives in the future and the tomorrow.

The Sagittarius will look at him and giggle at all of these traits, and in true Sagittarian form will tell him how silly he is.

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  • Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man
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She will have a love hate relationship with all his batty ideas, and scientific explanations. His wacky ideas and very odd behavior will make her laugh on a daily basis. She may even start doing odd things herself that she catches from him like dipping her pickles in ketchup or dancing in the middle of a busy street to get a shock factor.

sagittarius woman and aquarius man dating

When she is angry with him she will make him feel bad for being such a loon.