Sam huntington and meaghan rath dating

Movie review: Three Night Stand a love triangle with a few hard edges |

sam huntington and meaghan rath dating

Being Human's Meaghan Rath and Sam Huntington um, having fun, I guess. Being Human DVD Release Date Series Movies, Music Tv, Best Tv, Being. Dec 20, If this video proves anything, it's that Meaghan Rath, Sam Huntington and Sam Witwer are f*cking hilarious and slightly inappropriate in. Oct 30, Boston roommates Aidan, Josh and Sally are your average twenty-somethings -- except that they're also a vampire, werewolf and ghost.

I think it depends on who you are with, and if they want to hear that or not. Neither of them are really into it, but no one is being honest about it. The sex scenes were the most awkward sex scenes!

sam huntington and meaghan rath dating

Come on—is sex in a car that glamorous? Any advice for keeping the spark alive in a long-term relationship? I am trying to figure that out too! I think traveling helps; a change of scenery keeps things exciting. Well, I guess Pat wrote that part about the slut pumps!

sam huntington and meaghan rath dating

I personally like knee-high socks, like those American Apparel ones. Free People makes amazing knee socks too, they are so soft and kind of baggy. In the first season, we paid homage to what that series is, and I think we did it respectfully and in a really great way, and put our spin on it.

Knowing that fans of the British series that were giving us some slack before our first season aired, have now come around and watch our series as something on its own, is the biggest compliment.

They were the ones that were the most skeptical, in the beginning. Let it be said, we understand why they were skeptical. We stayed away from watching it when we were shooting our first season, but when we finished, we all watched it and loved it. I am not going to watch this show. Does it feel more challenging to get you guys all together in scenes? That being said, we do have scenes where we come together and try to rebuild.

Movie review: Three Night Stand a love triangle with a few hard edges

It comes to a breaking point. Episode 10 is an amazing episode, for the three of us. All three of us are there together, the entire episode, dealing with the same thing, which is really great. It was hard for us on set because we missed each other.

They do all the vampire stuff, at the same time. We would often go for days or a week without seeing each other, and it was difficult.

We missed each other. How does that affect who they are and their dynamic, as friends? In the first season, we heard a lot that Aidan was this ruthless bad-ass, and we saw glimpses of it. In the first season, he was trying to go clean, so he just stayed away from his drug buddies, or the other vampires. He was trying to stay away from blood and go clean.

You have to remember that this guy was, for over years, a villain. He was not a very nice guy.

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And so, he starts falling and devolving, and turning into an older version of himself, which is really a dangerous thing. With everyone being in such different places in their lives now, how will the dynamic of this friendship change?

Ultimately, for Josh, he just feels responsible for everyone. He feels responsible for Nora because he really is, to be honest, responsible for what she is. He loves her dearly, so he wants to protect her. And then, they brought Sally back, so Josh and Nora feel responsible for her and what happens with her.

Season 2 was much darker than Season 1 was. Will there be some more lightness, in Season 3? Sam, how does Aidan approach having a love interest, especially with his history? And that is definitely on his mind. Part of the fun of giving that character a love interest is the mortality. I like the dynamic that they set up. But, as the story moves on and Aidan is in the middle of all this bad stuff, there may be someone that catches his eye.

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There are a couple big problems that Sally encounters. That is one thing among other big things that she has to come to terms with. The two main problems merge into one, at one point, and it becomes kind of foggy and awful, as things tend to become with Sally. But, Aidan is still definitely the most dangerous of the roommates. The first and second seasons were very much about his addiction to blood. It was like a heroin addict going clean.

Actors Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath and Sam Huntington Talk Syfy's Being Human

How do you just turn off all of these killer instincts that have been cultivated for such a long time. We play with that a little bit, which is interesting.