Sara khan and ashmit patel dating

I was never dating Veena Malik: Ashmit Patel

sara khan and ashmit patel dating

TV actress Sara Khan dumped her boyfriend Ali Merchant and dating Ashmit Patel in full swing on the show, 'Bigg Boss'. Article about Sara Khan and Ali Merchant and their Wedding, which is actor Ashmit Patel who seems to have been dumped by both Sara and. This has become so blatant that show host Salman Khan even joked about in season 4 because of her romance with Bollywood wannabe Ashmit Patel. while Season 4 contestants Sara Khan and Ali Merchant actually got.

In season 5, Pooja and Sky got along like a house on fire. Sara Khan and Ali Merchant: They had a wedding in the Bigg Boss house, which is probably one of the special moments in the history of Bigg Boss. However, unfortunately this marriage did not last over two months, post which media circuit was abuzz with rumours stating that the shaadi was a publicity gimmick and the duo was paid Rs 50 lakh each for it.

Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel: The two got along really well in the 4th season, which was quite evident from their constant PDA. However, cuddling and the relationship concluded after the show ended.

sara khan and ashmit patel dating

Now we know you are wondering how three people can be a couple. Well, we'll solve it out for you. Apparently Rahul and Payal were dating each other before they entered the house of horrors in season 2.


They would massage each other in the house and have 'fun' times in the swimming pool. However, Rahul suddenly shifted loyalties and started pursuing Monica Bedi, who was also a contestant during that season.

He even proposed marriage to Bedi sometime during the show; a proposal she refused.

sara khan and ashmit patel dating

Aryan Vaid and Anupama Verma: Anupama and Aryan, who were seen as contestants in season 1 formed a connection that lasted for a bit even after both were out of the house. This has become so blatant that show host Salman Khan even joked about how Bigg Boss has become a "popular platform to find girlfriends".

sara khan and ashmit patel dating

Armaan-Tanisha The year-long 'companionship' between Kushal and Gauhar that followed their Bigg Boss stint saw the duo participate in another reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi.

Now, Kushal confirms, there's nothing more to the affair.

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Gauhar n I r no more together Owing to the couple's popularity, their fans had named them 'Gaushal. Gaushal may not be together bt love them as individuals.

sara khan and ashmit patel dating

SpreadLove," Kushal further tweeted. Armaan and Tanishaa, who earned the moniker 'Tanmaan', also made a public announcement of their separation recently. Both the announcements, interestingly, come at a time when Bigg Boss 8 is on air, with a few contestants making unsuccessful bids at 'getting hitched'.

Rahul-Payal Minissha Lamba and Arya Babbar have been trying to pull off the lovebird drama, but the ploy has backfired. Rumours were circulating as to how the two, who have worked together in a Punjabi film, had reportedly planned to promote their bonding on the show.