Sex lies and online dating rachel gibson download

Sex, Lies, and Online Dating by Rachel Gibson on Apple Books

sex lies and online dating rachel gibson download

Rachel Gibson "epub" free book download. Rachel Gibson Rachel was . 1-Sex, Lies, and Online Dating. SEX What is it about men anyway?. Sex, Lies, and Online Dating: The Writer Friends Series, Book 1 ( Audible Audio Edition): Rachel Gibson, Kathleen Early, Inc. Blackstone Audio. Download - Immediately Available. Please note: Description. Sex, Lies and Online Dating is a brilliantly entertaining rom-com from New York Times bestseller Rachel Gibson - perfect for fans of Jill Shalvis, Jo Watson and Christina Lauren.

Then again, this was mostly a romance, not a suspense.

sex lies and online dating rachel gibson download

The plot was secondary. Even so, it wasn't a great plot. The romance wasn't too bad. The characters were okay.

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I didn't love them, but I didn't hate them. They were just there. No particular draws either way. The sex scenes were average. They seemed to start off hot, but then kind of fizzled.

There were some comedic points, but - to use the word again - they were average. By far the worst part of this book was the writing itself. At times it made me want to bash my head against a wall. It was like reading a step-by-step manual. Gibson had this awful habit of describing each and everything thing a character did.

He turned off his car and grabbed his notebook and laptop off the passenger seat. He carried Lucy's suitcase with his free hand, and she followed him into the house.

She is also leading a double life. By day, she's a reporter covering the raucous Seattle Chinooks hockey team -- especially their notorious goalie Luc Martineau.

By night, she's a writer, secretly creating the scandalous adventures of "Honey Pie" See Jane Spar Luc has made his feelings about parasite reporters -- and Jane -- perfectly clear. But if he thinks he's going to make her life miserable, he'd better think again.

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See Jane Attract For as long as he can remember, Luc has been single-minded about his career. The last thing he needs is a smart-mouthed, pain-in-the-backside reporter digging into his past and getting in his way. But once the little reporter sheds her black and gray clothes in favor of a sexy red dress, Luc sees that there is more to Jane than originally meets the eye. Maybe it's time to take a risk. Maybe it's time to live out fantasies. Maybe it's time to Kate Hamilton should know.

Dumped by her boyfriend, stressed out by her job, she's returned to Gospel, Idaho, for some rest and small-town fun. But when her first attempted seduction of a hunky stranger is completely rejected, she wonders what else could go wrong? Well, for starters, she quickly realizes that the Mountain Momma Crafters' original poetry readings is about as good as it gets on a Friday night.

Then she comes face-to-face with Rob Sutter, former ice hockey madman, owner of Sutter Sports -- and the hunky stranger who told her to get lost. Men Hard knocks and hunger taught Faith Duffy not to believe in love. Still, when she married her very wealthy - and very old - husband, she became the perfect wife.


And then he went to that big bank in the sky, leaving Faith with lonely nights, a pile of money, and a total mess of a pro hockey team. Heck, Faith doesn't even watch hockey!

Sex, Lies, and Online Dating by Rachel Gibson

His lethal sex appeal and deadly right hook make him the favorite of fans. For most of Ty's life, he's dreamed of winning the Stanley Cup. The last thing he needs is a bimbo messing up his plans. Love Faith loathes Ty on sight, but she can't stop thinking about him all day. Then a moment of temptation ends with Faith in Ty's bed, and she begins to see there's more to him than sex appeal.

Ty discovers there's far more to Faith than beauty and billions.

sex lies and online dating rachel gibson download

But a relationship with Faith is impossible, and falling in love - that would be a disaster. Chelsea Ross's acting career has been a total bust. The closest she ever came to stardom was her brilliant performance as "Pretty Dead Girl 1.

Injured superstar Mark Bressler's glory days are over. The bad-boy ex-jock could at least be civil to the pint-sized, pink-haired bombshell who the Seattle Chinooks hired to be his P. If Chelsea didn't need the money, she'd be running from the world's biggest jerk as fast as her feet could carry her.

sex lies and online dating rachel gibson download

Chelsea can deal with Mark's rotten attitude and dark moods. The problem is those biceps and that red-hot bod! And when the bad boy starts to put the moves on her, Chelsea knows it's time she banished him to the penalty box.

Autumn Haven's Las Vegas "to-do" list said to catch a show and play the slots - not wake up married to a sexy jerk like Sam LeClaire. The first moment she saw him eyeing her like a luscious piece of the dessert buffet, her usually responsible self told her to run.

And she did - right into the wildest fantasy weekend of her life. But Monday morning jolted her back to reality, and before she could say "pass the coffee," Sam was gone. Now a successful wedding planner, Autumn hasn't clapped eyes on the heartbreaking hockey superstar for over two years.

sex lies and online dating rachel gibson download

But she has vowed any man of hers plays for keeps. Is Sam the man for her or does she banish him to the sin bin forever? Her sister is still crazy, and her mom still has pink plastic flamingos in her front yard.

Rachel Gibson

And Jackson Lamott Parrish, the bad boy she'd left behind, is still so sexy it hurts. She'd like nothing better than to avoid this particular man, but she can't. Daisy has something to say to Jackson, and she's not going anywhere until he listens.