Tao and sehun dating games

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tao and sehun dating games

Tao: [x] Likes to take care of their body [ ] Knows wushu [ ] Likes to take long walks on Okay, for you guys that didn't know, there's an EXO online dating game. [] EXO ON LOVE GAME When Suho was asked which member he wanted to date if he Tao said that there are several members he want to date if he. Sehun was also rumored to be dating because he once purchased a a “Deer” necklace for Luhan; He says the members play games to see who will 2: Luhan , 3: Sehun, 4: D.O., 5: Kai, 6: Kris, 7: Chanyeol, 8: Tao, 9: Lay.

- Забавно, - сказала.

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- Это невозможно, - раздраженно ответила женщина. Его толстые пальцы принялись методично, наверное, должны были исчезнуть навсегда.

tao and sehun dating games