Thor and storm dating divas

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thor and storm dating divas

Film review for YOU: Thor: Ragnarok, starring Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston Thor is often considered the weakest link in the Marvel franchise: entertaining enough but . Chris Pratt holds hands with girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger as they enjoy casual .. She's not lost her DIVA licence!. Well have they? Only reason I ask is because I took a long hiatus from Thor in the late 80's and through the 90's and I saw this pic that had me wonde. The famous X-Men mutant Storm is once again the Goddess of Thunder, claiming a hammer of Thor as part of the hero's comic book relaunch.

He escaped, mortally wounded, and managed to warn Angelica of Frost's duplicity just before he died. In retaliation, Jones attacked and defeated the White Queen, and decimated the hidden training complex beneath Frost's Massachusetts Academy. Afterwards, she returned to living with her father as she was still a minor at the time but kept the unique costume and identity of Firestar given to her by Frost. The trio then went to the Massachusetts Academy where they removed the few remaining files on record of the Hellions' existence.

With the help of Black Bolt and the Star Thief, she destroyed the Stane rocket containing hazardous waste. Her microwave power proved the only weapon truly effective against Carnage following his 'upgrade'- his vulnerability to sonics having been weakened - but she still refused to kill Carnage, even to stop his murders.

Though she is seen wearing exactly that costume in an Avengers promo poster and in some early Avengers appearances, she quickly altered the costume to be more modest, which was consistent with her personality. He designed a costume for her that would siphon off the excess radiation, give her natural immunity the opportunity to manifest fully and heal the damage already done. She also made a tentative peace with Emma Frost during this time.

When Vance confronted her about this, she confessed that she needed more life experience before settling into married life. Vance left in anger and presumably ended their engagement.

She was presumed to be among the Warriors who confronted the operator of an anti-Warriors hate site created in the wake of the catastrophe, revealed to be former Warriors member Carlton LaFroyge Hindsight Lad. Firestar has responded to the Superhuman Registration Act by effectively retiring from her career as a costumed hero.

She also began attending college. At the very end of the first issue, Firestar announces she has been diagnosed with cancer. After returning to Earth, Angelica had a follow-up exam that revealed her cancer to be in complete remission. During this series, she is a New York University graduate student in art history, specializing in Medieval European art.

Due to her chemotherapyAngelica began to lose her hair. Initially opting for a wig, she decided to cut her hair short instead. In her one-shot issue, she is wearing a long-haired red wig as her natural hair has not grown back yet. In addition to tracking the Bastards, Firestar and Gravity begin to patrol the city at night fighting street level crime.

During this period, Angelica is dismissive of Nomad and Spider Girl, which she later regrets as it wasn't that long ago that she was an adolescent super hero.

With Gravity's help, she is able to expel the energy harmlessly into space. Nomad suggests that they remain together as the Young Allies, which everyone objects to and they appear to go their separate ways. No offer to join the X-Men was explicitly made, but as most of the mutants living in Utopia appear to be on call as needed, it can be assumed that if Firestar moved she would have been available to the team.

Angelica refused the offer, eventually burning down Emma's hotel room to be left alone. He also appears to recognize her civilian identity when he sees her in a coffee shop but she doesn't notice him. Youth in Revolt mini-series along with fellow Young Allies teammate Gravity. She and Gravity agree to co-lead an Initiative team to help keep order during the crisis.

After being dragged to Hell with other members of the X-Men, she was pulled into a quest to search for the deceased Nightcrawler[53] at one point setting Hell itself on fire to stop a wave of demons attacking her and Iceman, an action that notably impressed Nightcrawler. As she alters the electromagnetic wavelengths, they form a microwave aura around her body, at which point she mentally "pushes" the microwaves away from herself.

Doing this allows her to release heat, light and radiation into her environment at various intensities.

Firestar (Marvel Comics) - Wikipedia

By focusing microwaves on a specific target, she can cause it to burst into flames, explode or melt. She can project microwave energy blasts which have a thermo-concussive effect, heating objects to the point of melting or being incinerated, while the superheated and pressurized air created by the directed microwaves produces impact.

Firestar can also sense microwave signals such as cellular phone signals or remote-control devices and disrupt electronics with her own microwave emissions. By superheating the air around her, Firestar can generate enough upward thrust to fly at high speeds and lift objects as heavy as the X-Man Colossus.

During training exercises with Emma Frost in her limited series, she was chastised by her teacher for clumsiness and warned that she could have been "badly burned" by a laser. Unlike most mutants, her immunity to her own power was not complete; she was in danger of rendering herself sterile until a cure was discovered by Henry Pym.

He designed a suit of micro-circuitry to be worn under her costume that absorbed the excess microwave energy that was affecting her cells, and diverted it in a way that would "kick start" her natural immunity to her own powers. Pym claimed it would take about six months for process to be complete, and over time Firestar appeared to be functionally immune to microwave radiation. The nature of Firestar's power grants her the capacity for large-scale destruction.

She typically limits how much of her own power she accesses for fear of permanently damaging the planet, its atmosphere and electromagnetic field.

Film review: Thor: Ragnarok

In space, she is far less inhibited, and can access greater levels of ambient electromagnetic energy to fuel her powers. She easily produced an attack that injured Garthan Saal when he possessed the energy of the entire Nova Corps[57] and also used her enhanced abilities to power a massive Shi'ar interstellar transport gate with very little effort.

Lion being left out and Spider-Man mourning his comrades. Joining the team, [60] Angelica was soon killed in a mega-blast unleashed by her own powers, opposing the evil Hyperion. In the process, her sacrifice also killed Spider. Army of Darkness[ edit ] In issue 3 of this miniseries, she is shown, in flashback, to be among the reserve members of the Avengers answering Colonel America's distress signal unaware it was a trapand subsequently leaving the mansion with fewer people than went in infected and hungry for human flesh.

MC2[ edit ] Firestar appeared in a flashback, [62] detailing the last adventure of the original Avengers. Firestar was among the team members who died in the team's final battle. Mutant X[ edit ] In the Mutant X Universe, Firestar's powers had evolved to the point where her entire body was composed of microwave energy.

She was one of the many people trying to resist the rule of Madelyne Pryor.

thor and storm dating divas

In the initial Firestar story, Mary Jane watched Spider-Man and Firestar battling crime together and became very jealous. In subsequent issues, Firestar expressed a true romantic interest in Spider-Man. Also, Iceman appears in a few pages of the final issue of the story arc, showcasing a rare comic-book moment in which the "Spider-Friends" are shown together. Bendis further stated he had spent issues working toward this and making it an "organic" event and not something "I pulled out of my ass.

In the final moments of the story, Liz's body becomes a living mass of flames, signaling her transformation into what could be considered Ultimate Firestar.

thor and storm dating divas

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