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Giada De Laurentiis is Reportedly Dating Producer Shane Farley |

giada chef dating

Giada De Laurentiis has found love again! The Food Network star has been quietly dating producer Shane Farley for two-and-a-half years, and. Giada De Laurentiis has built herself a little empire based on home cooking . the two had actually started dating while Giada was still married to Thompson. On her show Giada at Home, Giada De Laurentiis shares her love for entertaining California-style. Watch highlights and get the recipes on Food Network.

She was also accused by Star of an affair with John Mayer, which she went out of her way to refute. I met him twice at least 5 or 6 years ago at public events along with hundreds of other people.

giada chef dating

The small amount of face time with John was in rooms filled with other attendees at these events. I have not seen or even heard from him since. The allegation of an affair was a fabrication back in and remains so today," De Laurentiis told Gossip Cop.

Guess that settles that. Or doth the lady protest too much? However, rumors and allegations surfaced that the two had actually started dating while Giada was still married to Thompson.

And those rumors didn't come out of thin air. Farley's been in the biz for a long time, having worked on shows like Rachel Ray and Big Morning Buzz. A quick look at both Farley's and De Laurentiis' IMDb pages shows that De Laurentiis made appearances on both of those shows while Farley would have been producing them, so they presumably knew each other as early as Plus, according to E!

Of course, none of this is a smoking gun for infidelity, but it sure casts some seeds of doubt that these two didn't develop feelings until after their marriages ended. Is she cheating on Shane Farley already? Getty Images Since De Laurentiis has unfortunately gained the reputation of not exactly being a one-man woman, the rumors are already flying that she's going behind Farley's back, too.

They supposedly shared "the smallest table near the bar," and were "speaking very closely together, and whispering in each other's ears," according to an eyewitness. Nothing else ever came of the random gossip tidbit, and as of this writing De Laurentiis and Farley are still going strong. She wishes she could tell her fans not to touch her Getty Images We kind of feel for her on this one, but De Laurentiis didn't do herself any favors in the way she phrased it when she expressed her discomfort with fans who have boundary issues.

Speaking with The New York Daily News about being more readily accessible to fans who dine at her Las Vegas restaurant, she said, "It's the only place that people expect to see me and sort of be able to touch my brand. I wish I could say no touchy-touchy, but it doesn't work that way.

Oh, so there's a sexist element to this now? There had to have been a better way to handle that subject. It didn't go so well for them and they lost, with De Laurentiis lamenting afterwards"That was awful.

Giada De Laurentiis Celebrates B-Day With Boyfriend Sean Farley And Cake

That was the worst feeling. She literally refers to the loss as her "one regret" in life. The odds are against you,'" De Laurentiis said. And I don't know how the hell I thought that, and it's a regret because people still bring it up! It's been eight years and people still ask, 'How did it feel to lose to Rachael Ray?

He thinks I'm ridiculous, but it is what it is. I'm a fighter, and I like to win; I'm not a good loser. How much money does all of this earn her? And it's a good thing she has all that money because… Her divorce cost a lot of dough According to TMZ, she and her ex-husband never signed a prenuptial agreement, so Thompson gets half the money she earned from various book advances that are still in the works.

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That settlement still might've been a bit hard for her to swallow. Maybe she had the dump bucket handy? Her reasoning is she wants to focus on giving Jade the best life she can while continuing to grow her culinary career. For Giada, her name is etched onto her own brand of kitchen knives. The show features biographies of chefs from around the world, but Giada had some home truths. The star announced that she never wanted to be a part of the family show business as she never felt comfortable appearing in front of the camera.

giada chef dating

Behind the scenes As Giada continued to grow her culinary empire, she began hosting a brand new show named Behind the Bash in The idea of the series was to take viewers behind the scenes at all the significant events, including the Grammy Awards, to show how the chefs prepared their courses for the stars. Handy Manny is the animated show that featured a handyman, named Manny, who uses his talking tools to help the people of the town. Giada featured on the show as none other than chef Paulette who ran the local pizza shop named Pizza Palace.

Paulette was in need of Manny and his talking tools when her dough-rolling machine broke. Secret bucket A rumor began to circulate that Giada never finishes any food that she makes on the show. According to the story, the chef actually spits out any food she puts in her mouth when the camera stops rolling. Giada demanded that her relationships with these men were innocent as they had been friends for a long time.

giada chef dating

Personal space As Giada is now a hugely famous celebrity chef, she has a large fan following that often recognize her when she is out and about. According to the chef, she feels as though people are less intimidated to approach her as she is a female chef opposed to a male in the same profession. It looks as though the best way to get on with Giada is to simply have a conversation.

Teeny-tiny Perhaps if you have ever been lucky enough to meet a star from the screen in real life, then you have thought about how much smaller they appear? Although she is on the shorter side, when Giada is on our screens the cameras work magic.

giada chef dating

However, when she appears on the red carpet, everyone can see how small Giada really is. Tragedy in the family Giada has always been close to all of her family members, especially her siblings. Giada has a brother named Ivor alongside a makeup artist sister named Eloisa. Sadly, back in the family had a major tragedy as their other brother, Dino, passed away. Before his death, Dino had been working in Hollywood as a film editor, but a melanoma tragically ended his life.

Inside Giada De Laurentiis' secret life

Giada has since preached the importance of having a melanoma checked by a doctor as soon as you notice any symptoms. Family affairs Giada has spoken about and shown the world how in love she is with her daughter, Jade. It is reported that Giada and her ex-husband, Todd, decided early on in their relationship that they would only ever have one child.

Giada welcomed Jade when she was 37 years old, and now she is 47 she is in no rush to have any more children in her life. Giada has admitted that her reasoning behind only having one child is because she wants to have enough time to focus on her career. Family traditions Many families have various traditions. Whether it is hanging the holiday decorations, or specific birthday meals, these traditions can continue for years.

Within the De Laurentiis family, it is their tradition to hand down their names. Written in the stars Although not everyone believes what horoscopes have to say, there are some uncanny similarities between Giada and her star sign. The TV chef is a Leo, who are often described as loving to be the center of attention, alongside having a driven personality and high levels of energy.

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Does that sound like someone we know? Although Giada was nervous when she first appeared on screen, the star now works the camera as a pro. Giada also runs a long string of successful business ventures meaning she lives up to her Leo name.

Childhood rivalry Although the siblings all now get along, there used to be tensions in the De Laurentiis household when all the youngsters were growing up. Giada is the oldest of the siblings meaning she would often use her age to tease her younger brothers and sister. When she leaned in to grab it, Giada would pull out one of her eyelashes!

Charitable In between all of her business ventures, Giada always finds time to give back as much as she can. The TV chef is one of the celebrity ambassadors for the charity, Oxfam, that are working towards eradicating poverty. People have been using ingredients to cook up natural alternatives for years, but Giada thinks she has the secret.

According to an online gossip site, Celebrity Toob, the chef mixes up olive oil and baking soda in a bid to beat the wrinkles. Brand new love It looks as though Giada has been able to move on from her divorce as the chef is now in a relationship with Shane Farley.

Shane currently works as a producer of the talk show, FABLife, but after Giada announced their relationship on the talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, her fans were quick to find out anything they could. People soon discovered her new beau had once produced a cooking show for Rachel Ray, as well as the talk show, The Tony Danza Show, back in Entertaining the nation As her business empire continues to grow, Giada has moved on to work on her brand new series named Giada Entertains.

The idea behind the show is that fans can learn how to throw the best parties all with the help of Giada herself. The show has also seen Giada plan a film festival party, as well as a pasta and pizza party. Celebrity acquaintances During her years in Hollywood, Giada has made some celebrity connections with fellow stars. Over the holiday period, Giada teamed up with the home furnishings retail company, Williams Sonoma, to participate in a live baking session.

Afterward, the two quickly developed a natural friendship. Fellow inspiration It may seem as though Giada can pull off miracles in the kitchen, but sometimes this star also takes some of her inspiration from fellow chefs. At Halloween, Giada shared a photo of some brownies she had made where she admitted the inspiration came from a Martha Stewart recipe.

The brownies had broken Oreo cookies to make it look as though they were scary monsters with red eyes. They look absolutely delicious and show how these chefs love to learn from each other. Bella, the cat, and Bruno, the dog. This chef is so in love with her animals that she has set up their own Instagram page where she describes them as the small editions to the De Laurentiis family.

Bruno even got his own Halloween costume as he showcased his cardinal outfit on his page. Giada loves to involve her pets in every part of her life, and we can see why.

Plenty in the bank Her years in the business have seen Giada become an incredibly successful businesswoman. The TV chef not only runs her own cooking show as she also has many business ventures in addition to her work as a presenter, and a published author.