Interracial dating teens

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interracial dating teens

A new Anderson study on teens and race revealed a major generational divide between adolescents and their parents. The study found. Nearly 1 in 4 teenagers believe interracial dating is “no big deal,” according to a Gallup Daily News poll. Teenagers plunging into the dating. Among teens, interracial dating is most likely to appear on the east and west coast. This is especially true if they're near cities or bodies of water. These people .

Melanie Killen reveals that there is not only a difference of opinion between the generations on this topic, but the social taboo regarding interracial couples is also very much alive. The Color Mute Syndrome The color mute syndrome is the latest challenge regarding interracial relationships, according to Rebecca Bigler, professor at University of Texas. It is actually about the political correctness that forbids all of us from discussing race and ethnicity.

How to handle your teen's interracial relationships

So start off on positive re-enforcement. Help them celebrate and learn from racial differences. Heritage helps us grow as people, sharing said heritage can help others do the same. Facing the challenges As open minded as society may seem to be towards interracial relationships in movies or on TV, in real life your teen needs to be prepared for social isolation. According to a research conducted by California State University on the acceptance of mixed couples, the tolerance for interracial couples is lower than that of gay couples.

Talk to your teen about the kind of reception they might expect socially.

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People still tend to stare at mixed couples, friends and family will openly disregard their choice, some might even pass rude comments and in a number of situations social acceptance will be slim for their partner. The people around us — mostly white — were staring simply because he was a young white guy who was out on a date with a young black girl.

No individual should have to endure a situation as painful or uncomfortable as that. People like that make me want to stay in the comfort of my home when I have the choice of perusing a local hot spot or mall.

People like that make me want to use the drive-thru instead of walking in to order food. People like that make me wonder how my future children might be treated if they were half black and half white.

Interracial dating exposes divide between teens and parents - CNN

For me, dating outside of my race is not some teenage form of anarchy or disregard of authority. It is a part of who I am, how I feel and how I choose to express myself. The good news is that some people my age feel the same way.

interracial dating teens

Teenagers plunging into the dating pool do so to test the waters, figure out their likes and dislikes and see what personality types mesh with theirs.

They don't do so to be judged about whom they decide to like, love or have relations with. Treat others as you would want to be treated. If more people lived by the Golden Rule, interracial couples in Oklahoma and around the globe will have the courage to cast off their inhibitions and let their true colors shine.

interracial dating teens