Wife duties to avoid while dating

Wife Duties To Avoid While Dating - Romance - Nigeria

wife duties to avoid while dating

Husbands, providers, wives, mothers are just some of the roles we choose .. I wouldn't deliberately "hold back" on girl game during the dating. This is why some men can be dating or engaged for years without any desire or plans to get He is not your husband, and she is not your wife. If You Want to Learn How to Be a Good Girlfriend, Avoid These Acts Yet, now as a wife, a wiser woman, and a dating coach, I've worked with plenty of meals every night, fix his plate, and bring it to him while he's watching the game. you' re just a traditional sister who embraces traditional gender roles.

You clean his house, pick up his suits from the cleaners, run his errands and basically, take care of his every need before he even asks. He gives you a key to his apartment because you practically live there.

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You want a man to choose you because of who you are, not because of what you do for him. You need to study to pass your comprehensive exams, but he says he really wants you to come over and hang out. You want to go with your girls for a special outing, but he says he wants you to be available when he gets off work.

wife duties to avoid while dating

This teaches you not just how to be a good girlfriend, but also to take care of yourself, too. Sleeping with Him I remember running into a woman at the bookstore who was browsing the shelves, looking for dating advice.

Sadly, you hear this kind of advice everywhere you turn. Sex may make you lovable for a moment, but if you want to be married for a lifetime, you need a man to commit to you because he loves, honors, and cherishes you. Giving Him Money Sisters fall into this trap one sad story at a time. You give him money in exchange for him giving you a false hope that your relationship will go to the next level.

10 Wife Duties To Avoid With Boyfriends - Romance - Nigeria

You might see it as part of spicing up your relationship but it will have negative effects on you if the relationship does not end up at the altar. Co-Habit With Him Prolonged weekends evolve into holidays and then permanent stay. If he gets the best of you for free, do you think he would still like to pay to legally have you?

Cook His Meal An African mum will kick against this, she would rather advise her daughter to show her man that she can cook.

Mingle With His Friends This might be fun if you knew him through his friends, but nevertheless, you should cut down on all the familiarity with his friends once you start dating him.

wife duties to avoid while dating

This will save you the stress of your good intentions being misinterpreted, or his friends knowing too much of you to begin to decide whether they like or approve you or not. Visit His Family Regularly First things first, do not be in a haste to meet his family, or for him to meet your family unless he is planning marriage.

10 Wifely Duties Ladies Should Avoid With Boyfriends

And when he finally introduces you to them, avoid paying the regular and uncalled for visits. Do His Laundry You should be focused on building your relationship, not how great a chef or housekeeper you are.

If he tells you he is running out of clothes, offer to call your laundry man for him, or help him drop his clothes at the laundry. You can assist him if you see him washing but do not volunteer to do the entire work while he lounges in front of a football sport. Manage His Business Except you officially work for him, there is no point in you interfering in his business. Allow him to run his life and affair and give suggestions where necessary but be careful not to get roped into a business with him that will be affected if marriage is taken out of the picture.