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Oh well I shall keep searching.

Rob Nanninga

I will update you as I find more. First time in this venue probably Sources: The 3 shows probably performed in Toronto on January 23, 24, 25 according to book Golden Earring de Amerikaanse Droom page are probably not performed at least on January 23, 24 and probably on January 25 not as well. Thanks to Golden Earring van Bart van Alphen who sent me the info about these shows in a kind e-mail: Ik ben een regelmatige bezoeker van je site en je doet hiermee veel Earring fans een groot plezier.

Ik heb wat info over Earring optredens die ik niet op je site ben tegengekomen. Deze info vind je ook niet in het overigens onvolprezen en fantastische boek De Amerikaanse droom. Het betreft de volgende optredens in Eagles Auditorium te Seattle, Washington: Golden Earring en Floating Bridge.

De show van van een dag eerder vrijdag 23 januari is zonder BB king. Van dit optreden heb ik geen recensie maar wel enkele kleine aankondigingen in lokale kranten Helix en Seattle Times Voor je site heb Ik scans van concert ads, concertlistings en reviews bijgevoegd. Groeten en veel plezier met je site Seattle newspaper scan thanks to Bart van Alphen! According to newspaper articles Golden Earring performed a show on January 23 and two shows on January 24 in Seattle.

The shows in Toronto are probably not performed on January 23, 24 and However these shows are based on evidence as photographer Hugh Crymble mentioned he photographed the band and the Tribal Village has a show review as mentioned in the book Golden Earring de Amerikaanse Droom page.

King with Golden Earring and Floating Bridge show review for this date. The article mentioned 2 shows were performed on 6. Three pop concerts are scheduled for Seattle this weekend, beginning with Three Dog Night, to perform at The rockgroup has several albums presently on the best-sellerlists.

King, Guitarist, will share a bill with a rockgroup from Holland, Golden Earrings in two concerts at 6: Retina Circus will provide the lightshow for both concerts. King at Eagles Sat. King, presently the most renowned guitarist on the rock and blues scene, will play two concerts at 6: Saturday at Eagles Auditorium. The concerts will be presented by Boyd Grafmyre. King, whose vocals and guitar style go right to the heart of traditional blues, recently completed a city tour with The Rolling Stones.

Appearing with Golden Earrings and B. King will be the Seattle group, Floating Bridge. Retina Circus will be in charge of the lightshow.

With her stories, Moget managed to have her adepts break their ties with friends and relatives, and become dependent upon herself. Participants who protested were subjected to hypnosis sessions by Moget, or expelled when they became too dangerous for the IVG's stability.

Moreover, Moget sued Nanninga for defamation and slanderdemanding financial compensation for causing "material and immaterial damage" to the institute. Moget had to pay for the legal costs.

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After that it became quiet surrounding the IVG; the authorities did not undertake any action, despite attempts by ex-students to have it shut down. ByNanninga concluded crop circles were probably all man-made. Around the turn of the millennium, a wave of pseudoscientific interest for extraterrestrial life and its supposed connection to crop circles and UFOs kept Nanninga and his colleagues especially Marcel Hulspas busy. According to dowsersthey have something to do with paranormal powerlines that lie across the landscape.

Haselhoff has not yet made a choice out of these confused theories. Skepsis published a manual on its website on how to make crop circles yourself. He remained open-minded for parapsychology and would accept facts if they were convincing, but ascertained that researchers in this field were mainly interested in persuading their following, and not the outside world. On behalf of Skepsis, Nanninga offered him 10, guilders to prove without tricks he had paranormal powersbut Rostelli refused.

Nanninga offered to conduct an experiment in his stead. After the remarks of the Dutch Minister of Health Hans Hoogervorst on 18 February that homeopathy is 'just water', and that following the KNMG report on the death of Sylvia Millecamhe intended to henceforth legally prohibit anyone but physicians from medically diagnosing patients, [26] homeopaths reacted furiously.

The response of the NVKH was positive, and on 25 February they jointly declared that they would perform an experiment with forty people in favour of and forty people against homeopathy. Van Gemert was so enthusiastic that he promised to quit his practice if he turned out to be wrong.

Nanninga again repeated the rules that had been mutually agreed upon, and clarified the conditions that should indicate that the test results would be reliable, and remained open for the challenge, but warned the NVKH that it should retract its claims against Minister Hoogervorst if it pulled out definitively. It appeared that Van Gemert was personally in favour of the test, but met with resistance from the association.

In the end the test was not carried out, nor did the NVKH retract its statements. The psychic sought contact with Arno and ended his story with the text: Arno and you also know each other from a previous life.

You are very closely connected to each other. Maybe you have felt it yourself already, but it is true. And I need to say something about that. It is important, also to cope with this, to let go of this.

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There is a date coming through. You have lived during the time in between. In that life you didn't get very old. I'm getting a story right now. It was in the Netherlands.

Your name was Hillegien. You were called Hillegien. I'm getting a surname through about you. Possibly something like Rozenboom or Rozeboom. You were called Rozeboom back then. And you already lived together with, there is a name clearly coming through, something like Luwert, Luwert, that's the name I hear. And there is something with 7 March.