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Adam Sandler stars in the Sony comedy as a man tasked with fighting off video game alien invaders. As he does in many of his films, Sandler. Adam Richard Sandler was born September 9, in Brooklyn, New York, to Judith (Levine), a teacher at a nursery school, and Stanley 50 First Dates. Why did Netflix sign Adam Sandler to a four-picture deal? Why did the streaming service extend the deal for four more films despite terrible.

Celebrity Death Hoaxes

But since she's been dead, Britney has appeared on "Glee" and recorded a seventh studio album. Or at least her robot has. Bieber dead at just 16?

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Don't count on it. The teen idol is still busy breaking young girls' hearts and pretending to make amateur videos on YouTube. He also penned a book explaining all that he has learned in the first few months of his life. It's hard to know just how long the hyper-famous teen has been dead.

Some reports go back to Another hoax spread across the web in claiming a car accident did her in. Whatever the case, since her alleged demise, Cyrus has been awful busy appearing in pole dance videos and thrilling parents with her conservative wardrobe choices.

Nick Jonas' fake death was truly tragic, but his real life has been pretty good. In earlyhe formed his own band, Nick Jonas and the Administration" and even toured with them.

Dead people don't do that. A made up allergy is what allegedly killed Taylor Swift in However, since then the year-old has been quite prolific. She has now sold more digital downloads than any country music performer in history, according to SoundScan, got a role in her first feature film and, according to the rumor mill, landed actor Jake Gyllenhall as a boyfriend.

Then again, the rumor mill said she was dead. June 20,fell off a mountain. Everyone knows Russell Crowe is a wild man. That's why no one was surprised to hear that the year-old fell off some mountain and died. Since then the New Zealand native hasn't been doing much publicly, but that doesn't mean he's dead, so don't go emailing anyone about this.

Netflix Loves Adam Sandler: Says Members Have Watched 'Half a Billion' Hours of His Movies

Rumors of Will Smith's untimely demise in a car accident have been swirling since Four years later, they're still not true. But that doesn't mean Smith has been standing around waiting for the grave. Junesuicide or jailhouse stabbing. Was Paris Hilton stabbed to death or did she commit suicide in jail in ? Instead she has spent her extra years on Earth shooting various movies and making TV appearances. She also found time to get busted with cocaine in her purse.

She said it wasn't hers although the other random stuff, like money and ID, found in the purse were. His films make a ton of money, he plays the same guys in nearly every movie, and he casts really hot women to play his love interests.

Some of his casting choices range from believable to as likely as pigs flying. Bridgette Wilson Billy Madison: Bridgette Wilson plays Veronica Vaughn, his third grade teacher who has no interest in his money and is turned off by his attitude and lifestyle. Julie Bowen Happy Gilmore: Bowen was at the top of her game in the movie but only played a PR rep. On the other hand, Sandler does play a professional athlete which helps give credibility to how he would end with Bowen by the end of the film.

This movie girlfriend checks out. Fairuza Balk The Waterboy: Balk and Sandler both play Louisiana red necks living on the bayou who come together after Sandler becomes a star football player for the University of Louisiana. If anything, Sandler is dating down in this one. Joey Lauren Adams Big Daddy: