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Yahoo Answers (YA) is a large and diverse question-answer forum, acting not only as a medium for . Reijo Savolainen, The structure of argument patterns on a social Q&A site, Journal of the Publication Date, (yyyy-mm-dd) .. In analogy to prior work on voting and ranking systems, we use the axiomatic . At the close of business on the record date, [○] shares of Yahoo common stock to the extent waived or not included under the analogous Yahoo benefit plan any additional information or arguments to the Independent Accounting Firm, . 5 days ago As of January 10, the stock was already up % month-to-date before its . Citi (C) argues that the tariff war led to increased labor costs in China (FXI). He said , “Think of this as somewhat analogous today to where statins.

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Informal logic and Formal logic Informal arguments as studied in informal logic, are presented in ordinary language and are intended for everyday discourse. Conversely, formal arguments are studied in formal logic historically called symbolic logic, more commonly referred to as mathematical logic today and are expressed in a formal language. Informal logic may be said to emphasize the study of argumentationwhereas formal logic emphasizes implication and inference. Informal arguments are sometimes implicit.

That is, the rational structure — the relationship of claims, premises, warrants, relations of implication, and conclusion — is not always spelled out and immediately visible and must sometimes be made explicit by analysis. Standard types[ edit ] Argument terminology There are several kinds of arguments in logic, the best-known of which are "deductive" and "inductive. Each premise and the conclusion are truth bearers or "truth-candidates", each capable of being either true or false but not both.

These truth values bear on the terminology used with arguments. Deductive arguments[ edit ] A deductive argument asserts that the truth of the conclusion is a logical consequence of the premises. Based on the premises, the conclusion follows necessarily with certainty. Deductive arguments are sometimes referred to as "truth-preserving" arguments. A deductive argument is said to be valid or invalid.

If one assumes the premises to be true ignoring their actual truth valueswould the conclusion follow with certainty? If yes, the argument is valid. Otherwise, it is invalid. In determining validity, the structure of the argument is essential to the determination, not the actual truth values. If we assume the premises are true, the conclusion follows necessarily, and thus it is a valid argument. If a deductive argument is valid and its premises are all true, then it is also referred to as sound.

Otherwise, it is unsound, as in the "bats are birds" If all its premises are true,then its conclusion must be true.

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For example, given that the U. Arguments that involve predictions are inductive, as the future is uncertain. An inductive argument is said to be strong or weak. If the premises of an inductive argument are assumed true, is it probable the conclusion is also true? If so, the argument is strong. Otherwise, it is weak.

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A strong argument is said to be cogent if it has all true premises. Otherwise, the argument is uncogent. The military budget argument example above is a strong, cogent argument. Deductive argument A deductive argument is one that, if valid, has a conclusion that is entailed by its premises.

In other words, the truth of the conclusion is a logical consequence of the premises—if the premises are true, then the conclusion must be true. It would be self-contradictory to assert the premises and deny the conclusion, because the negation of the conclusion is contradictory to the truth of the premises. Validity logic Deductive arguments may be either valid or invalid.

If an argument is valid, it is a valid deduction, and if its premises are true, the conclusion must be true: An argument is formally valid if and only if the denial of the conclusion is incompatible with accepting all the premises. The validity of an argument depends, however, not on the actual truth or falsity of its premises and conclusion, but solely on whether or not the argument has a valid logical form.

The validity of an argument is not a guarantee of the truth of its conclusion. Under a given interpretation, a valid argument may have false premises that render it inconclusive: Logic seeks to discover the valid forms, the forms that make arguments valid. A form of argument is valid if and only if the conclusion is true under all interpretations of that argument in which the premises are true.

Since the validity of an argument depends solely on its form, an argument can be shown to be invalid by showing that its form is invalid. This can be done by giving a counter example of the same form of argument with premises that are true under a given interpretation, but a conclusion that is false under that interpretation.

In informal logic this is called a counter argument. The form of argument can be shown by the use of symbols. For each argument form, there is a corresponding statement form, called a corresponding conditionaland an argument form is valid if and only if its corresponding conditional is a logical truth.

A statement form which is logically true is also said to be a valid statement form. A statement form is a logical truth if it is true under all interpretations. A statement form can be shown to be a logical truth by either a showing that it is a tautology or b by means of a proof procedure. The corresponding conditional of a valid argument is a necessary truth true in all possible worlds and so the conclusion necessarily follows from the premises, or follows of logical necessity.

The conclusion of a valid argument is not necessarily true, it depends on whether the premises are true. If the conclusion, itself, just so happens to be a necessary truth, it is so without regard to the premises. All Greeks are human and all humans are mortal; therefore, all Greeks are mortal.

Valid argument; if the premises are true the conclusion must be true. Some Greeks are logicians and some logicians are tiresome; therefore, some Greeks are tiresome.

Either we are all doomed or we are all saved; we are not all saved; therefore, we are all doomed. Valid argument; the premises entail the conclusion. This does not mean the conclusion has to be true; it is only true if the premises are true, which they may not be! Some men are hawkers.

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Some hawkers are rich. Therefore, some men are rich. This can be easier seen by giving a counter-example with the same argument form: Some people are herbivores. Some herbivores are zebras. Therefore, some people are zebras. Invalid argument, as it is possible that the premises be true and the conclusion false. In the above second to last case Some men are hawkers See also, existential import.

The forms of argument that render deductions valid are well-established, however some invalid arguments can also be persuasive depending on their construction inductive argumentsfor example. See also, formal fallacy and informal fallacy.

Inductive argument Non-deductive logic is reasoning using arguments in which the premises support the conclusion but do not entail it. Forms of non-deductive logic include the statistical syllogismwhich argues from generalizations true for the most part, and inductiona form of reasoning that makes generalizations based on individual instances. An inductive argument is said to be cogent if and only if the truth of the argument's premises would render the truth of the conclusion probable i.

Cogency can be considered inductive logic 's analogue to deductive logic 's " soundness. The lack of deductive validity is known as the problem of induction. Defeasible arguments and argumentation schemes[ edit ] In modern argumentation theories, arguments are regarded as defeasible passages from premises to a conclusion.

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Defeasibility means that when additional information new evidence or contrary arguments is provided, the premises may be no longer lead to the conclusion non-monotonic reasoning. This type of reasoning is referred to as defeasible reasoning. For instance we consider the famous Tweedy example: