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straight edge bands yahoo dating

Eschewing substances was, for many straightedge bands (see Youth of on Yahoo Answers: “Straight edge was a movement based around. umm well they kinda did sell out but they still are my favorite band so. And as his above quote implies, he's vehemently straight edge. punk and hardcore music and a fervent devotee to the straight edge lifestyle. Popularized by such old school punk bands and musicians as State of Alert, friends that are in bands involved in the scene and they keep me up to date on stuff.

It's become a big trademark of CM Punk's WWE character, since -- as any wrestling fan will tell you -- reality often times makes for awesome soap opera drama. He's been taking it to the extreme over most of the past year, becoming something of a fanatic about being anti-drug, pompously preaching to wrestling fans about their weak wills and becoming the cult-like of the "Straight Edge Society.

Do you have a lot of fans amongst punk and hardcore fans because of your straight edge lifestyle and character? I think I do.

I think everybody loves wrestling [and] it doesn't really matter what music you listen to. There's definitely hardcore kids who pay attention to what I'm doing. Straight edge was extremely popular back in the 80s with Minor Threat and then again in the 90s.

Straight edge

Do you think the straight edge lifestyle has diminished? No, I don't think it has.

straight edge bands yahoo dating

Because I think people that are true to it still are straight edge. I think just like everything it's a cycle. It boomed in the '80s when it started, it kinda died out and got big again '80s again with the [Youth Crew] movement, and then it kinda died out yet again.

And Earth Crisis brought it back in the '90s, and it kinda died out again. And now you've got bands like Ceremony and Have Heart. I definitely don't think it's not as prevalent in mainstream, but the scene has always been there and it's always gonna be. Still listen to a lot of punk and hardcore? What have you been listening to lately?

straight edge bands yahoo dating

I'm kind of a stubborn old straight edge guy, and it takes me awhile to get into some of the new straight edge bands, like Ceremony or Have Heart. But I've got so many friends that are in bands involved in the scene and they keep me up to date on stuff, it just takes me a little while to pay attention to them and listen to what they're telling me to listen to. Are there any songs in particular that inspire you? Too many to name, honestly. The place where the very best independent talent from around the world put their best foot forward in front of the watchful eyes of both industry movers and shakers and the most in-the-know hardcore fans.

BOLA is its own wrestling culture at this point, and creates tomorrows stars. Those who scored tickets will get in on an indy wrestling event with a track record like no other: Current WWE champion A.

So how did an event put on by a promotion which has no television show, no streaming deal, still sells old-school DVDs, and only recently moved its home base from a seat American Legion hall in the San Fernando Valley to a new-but-still-small home in downtown LA, become the event wrestlers from all over the world come to be seen?

Marcus Vanderberg More How Pro Wrestling Guerrilla paved the path for All In PWG was founded in by a consortium of Southern California-based wrestlers who had been plugging away on the independent scene and wanted to take control of their own careers. The single-elimination tournament was modeled after the Super J Cup, a memorable s Japanese tournament that spotlighted lighter-weight wrestlers such as Liger, The Great Sasuke, and Chris Jericho.

How PWG's Battle of Los Angeles came to be

But somewhere along the way, things started to change. Matt Jackson, for his part, was a part of the promotional team for the recent All In pay-per-view in suburban Chicago, which sold out the 11,seat Sears Center in half an hour and featured a weekend-long fan convention.

straight edge bands yahoo dating

People like to have fun. People want to laugh, jump up and down, clap and most important be involved.