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Yahoo! Personals was an online dating service provided by Yahoo!. Contents. 1 Features; 2 See also; 3 References; 4 External links. Features[edit]. The Yahoo!. Yahoo personals is an adult dating site - find the right relationship with people that are a good match. Tékumel Tékumel is a fantasy world created by M. A. R. Barker over the course of several decades from around There are several Yahoo! published based on the Tékumel setting, but to date none have met with commercial success.

Another is that the cosmic cataclysm was due to over-use of a faster than light drive which warped the fabric of space. Several other significant changes took place due to the crisis: Science began to stagnate until ultimately knowledge became grounded in traditions handed down from generations long ago, the belief that the universe was ultimately understandable slowly faded, and a Time of Darkness descended over the planet.

It is inspired by UrduPushtu and Mayanthe latter influence can be seen in the inclusion of the sounds hl and tl.

The Languages of Tékumel

These two languages are now extinct, dead languages. Barker tapped into this tradition and the setting he had developed from his childhood fantasies much as H. His "Thursday Night Groups" were amongst the first roleplaying sessions anywhere and provided what was, at the time, an unusually detailed week-by-week development of the setting.

InTactical Studies Rules, Inc. Empire of the Petal Thronepublished in by Guardians of Order. There have been a wide variety of materials of all sorts published over the years to further details this world.

There have also been various wargames rules as well as small scale metal miniatures to represent the various races and legions. Miniatures for the world were formerly produced in 28mm scale under license by Eureka miniatures of Australia, but are now being made by a smaller, fan-driven company in Canada called The Tekumel Project. But really, it's just like any other game setting; if it inspires you, take what you like, ignore the rest, and have fun.

That being said, I've been trying to come up with a pocket description of what I consider to be the most important bits, to help newer players and GMs have a framework to guide them. Here are some notes on this.

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First off, this is an alien world, terraformed tens of thousands of years ago by very powerful spacefaring humans. The native plants, animals, and sentients all very hostile and toxic to humans were greatly harmed by this, but managed to adapt and survive here and there.

The humans had many alien races working with them, and some against them, that also ended up on this world. This piece is perhaps best understood through the lens of classic pulp SF; think Ming the Merciless and you'll get the general feel. At some point, a great cataclysm happened, and the whole kit and kaboodle was thrown into a pocket dimension, causing a great dark age. The stars went out. Great paroxysm shook the world, and for a very long time, human and other life hung by a thread.

Slowly, civilization emerged again, but what technology remained was now more or less magical to the survivors, and the overall technical level was medieval at best.

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So, this is also a setting that could be considered post-apocalyptic. During this time, two things happened that really changed things. First, people figured out that they could access other-planar power, i. And second, contact was made with vastly powerful other-planar entities, i. These beings are hugely more powerful than anything else, but seem to take an interest in this world too. This, I think, constituted an existential crisis for the humans here - in a world where the Gods are real, and take action the world, but also don't care in the least about individual humans, you have a sort of nihilistic situation.

More on that below.

M. A. R. Barker

The current setting takes place years after the cataclysm. Empires have risen and fallen during that time, many times over.

The current cultures of this place are still, to a great extent, trapped in the nexus of the events described above.

Empire of the Petal Throne: Good, Bad, and Ugly

To sum things so far Insanely high tech level now considered magical. Real magic, and real gods. Huge amounts of time having passed and things still not looking very good for the humans. Culturally speaking, the current batch of empires there are 5 can be seen as reactions to all the above. Survival of the species in a world where humans don't really matter on any existential scale is still a paramount concern; but we see this primarily in the social structures of the societies, rather than in any explicit way.

Because, you see, the vast majority of humans now have no idea any of this stuff happened. All they know is that things are the way they are, and have always been that way. And how are things? Well, first off, the main unit of cultural organization is the clan, not the individual. This is a society where individuals don't matter as much as the group. People define themselves by the groups they belong to. Your group is how you survive. Status and relative rank are super important.